Paul Geiger


Speech Coaching Associate

Paul Geiger’s speech coaching specialties at New York Speech Coaching are: the dynamics of public speaking, accent reduction and the subtleties of business communications. He has worked with individuals and groups from a wide range of national and international companies: Banco do Brasil, Morgan Stanley, UNICEF, and Deutsche Bank, to name a few.

Paul is also an accomplished actor, voiceover artist, and on camera host, having done work for: Days Of Our Lives, All My Children, Mercedes Benz, Platinum Technologies and Coldwell Banker.

The physical and psychological aspects of speech are addressed in Paul’s singular teaching concept of owning your breath and clear articulation of perspective. In his years at New York Speech Coaching, he has developed a customizable program of action steps that get results.

In Paul’s words, “You gain confidence when you gain control of your speech technique. Knowing there are steps you can take begins the process of empowering each individual to become more expressive and more persuasive in a truthful and authentic way.”