Eric Van Tielen

Van Tielen

Speech Coaching Associate

Eric Van Tielen is an associate speech instructor with over 10 years of experience in professional teaching and private coaching. He has been a professional actor for nearly 20 years. Eric's teaching combines his knowledge of classical singing and acting with a practical and professional approach to speech. He is equally at home with artists and professionals alike.

Eric believes in creating a safe space for speech work. Utilizing theatre-based vocal exercises, Eric infuses his work with a sense of exploration and play applicable to actors and non-actors alike. His belief is that when we let down our guard, true expansion of our vocal capability emerges. Whether it be a job interview, a presentation, social interactions, or corporate meetings, finding your true voice is essential. Eric strives to facilitate an environment where his client's best work can take place and their potential can be fulfilled. Because there are many outside factors that influence our speech, Eric will also reference a wide range of topics--dance, literature, human psychology--in order to unlock the client's purest, most confident voice.

Eric has led workshops across the country with various universities and theatre companies including Indiana University, Utah Shakespeare Festival, Lyric Repertory, Syracuse University, Berkshire Theatre Group, and with L.A. Acting. As an actor, he has been seen on the Broadway stage, in national and international touring productions and regionally at theatres around the country. He holds a Master of Fine Arts in classical acting from Indiana University. His love of language and innate compassion enable him to communicate with a wide range of clients.