Vocal Coaching


All of the teachers at New York Vocal Coaching are very skilled pianists. We all have formal training in classical piano as well as contemporary styles of piano. We are familiar and proficient with most musical theatre repertoire, both classic and contemporary, pop/rock/R&B, and jazz. We have played New York auditions for top casting offices. We accompany singers at New York auditions. We have played for concerts, recordings, recitals, and cabarets in New York City. Staff members have worked as Music Directors for Equity shows both in New York City and regionally.

Since every New York Vocal Coaching staff member has trained as a singer and actor and performed professionally, we feel that we have sensitivity with our accompaniment that is different from many players. Having been in the shoes of our singers, we can help support them, breathe with them, and provide complimentary dynamics. We understand that an accompanist's job is to make the singer look and sound fantastic. We are flexible with our playing to make sure that this happens. It’s never about the pianist. It’s always about you the singer or about us as a team.

Our staff members can sight read almost anything you put in front of us. If the song is inordinately difficult, we are always willing to take a look at the music before our session to make sure that we can nail it for you. Just let us know before our session and we should be able to play your music for you right when you arrive for your coaching.

We can transpose music that you bring us and help you to find the best key for your vocal range. We can also read chords, charts, and jazz charts. Finally, we can also offer transpositions or transcriptions for clients when needed. We always strive to provide the maximum amount of resources to help you prepare your music thoroughly.