Vocal Coaching


THE MOST COMMON REASON for working with a vocal coach is audition or recording studio preparation. We are very familiar with the current trends and expectations for auditions within the New York music and theatre industry. We can help you work through your audition sides and audition songs to help you feel confident and prepared for your professional auditions.

Obviously, vocal coaching involves accompanying singers on their music. All of our coaches play the piano very well and can accompany you on your music. Also, should there be a need, we can accompany you on a variety of other instruments as well. Finally, New York Vocal Coaching uses the very latest in music and computer technology for singers who need to use recorded tracks for their songs. Please see the Accompaniment Section for specifics on how we work as accompanists, and view our Recording Services for more information about recording tracks.

We do incorporate acting and vocal technique into our vocal coaching sessions. However, this varies depending on the needs of each singer. Some singers want a lot of technical feedback. Some just want a chance to run their music and to make sure that their musicality is at the highest possible level. Whether we give acting and vocal technique notes or not, we do believe in having a positive and creative environment for our singers to develop their material. All feedback that we give as a vocal coaches is honest and constructive. Our goal is to help you to have the most technically sound and confident audition you can. We believe in helping you to discover your best and most truthful performance. It’s nice to work together to do this, as opposed to only being directed by the coach. This usually leads to the most organic and also most artistic work. See Voice Lessons for more information on vocal technique and performance technique. Also, see our Musical Theatre Workshop, where singers can brush up on their audition material, re-examine their book, and take their auditions and performances to the next level.

If we do not have a particular piece of music, we can offer clients resources on where to find it, show them how to get it online, or tell them where they can purchase it. Having great audition pieces is one of the most important things an actor can do for herself or himself. We can help actors and singers find something that they feel confident will make them look and sound fantastic in their auditions. We can even work to refine great pieces that are already in your repertoire. Also, see our Musical Theatre Workshop, where singers can brush up on your audition material, re-examine your book and take your auditions and performance to the next level

In a vocal coaching, we can work on your material technically and stylistically to prepare you for the studio. We can work to make you feel confident that you will be able to deliver the performance you want by addressing the requirements of the recording that you are working on. We also offer Recording Services for singers. Our experienced audio engineer produces polished mixes that are expected in today’s media landscape.

Although microphones vary from venue to venue, we can show you the basics of how to use them effectively in your live performances. For recordings, we do have a professional recording engineer who provides microphones during recording sessions. Please see Recording Services, for more information about this!