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Founded in 2005 by award-winning voice teacher & vocal coach Justin Stoney in 2005, New York Vocal Coaching is blessed to have become one of the largest vocal training companies in the United States. Now with over two dozen instructors across a variety of disciplines and dozens of Voice Teacher Training alumni, our students have reached #1 on the Billboard Charts, received Emmy and Tony awards, signed with major record labels, toured the US and internationally, and much more.

It all began with our core belief that humans are meant to sing. We are meant to sing for Joy, for recreation, for healing, for praise, for recognition, and for the soul. There are endless reasons to “Make A Joyful Noise!” Each and every staff member at New York Vocal Coaching believe that singing is not for a few of us — singing is for all of us. Read our Mission Statement or more about our Philosophy and award-winning staff, or schedule your first lesson today to begin making your joyful noise!

New York Vocal Coaching Founder Justin Stoney
New York Vocal Coaching Founder Justin Stoney

I have now worked with Justin Stoney on two separate projects… In both instances, through his masterful and thoroughly exhilarating technique, I felt I transitioned from “insecure, hopeless, frustrated and strained” to confident, free and relaxed! Justin understands not only the voice and breathing, but acting and sustainable technique. I'm thankful I now have a vocal coach for life.

Tony Shalhoub

Tony Shalhoub Tony Award Winner The Band's Visit Emmy, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild Award Winner Television, Film, and Broadway Star

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Voice Lessons

We'll focus on vocal technique to increase vocal range, build vocal strength, blend smoothly between head voice and chest voice, achieve mixed voice and belt coordinations, master multiple musical and vocal styles, sing high notes with ease, and eventually achieve technical and artistic mastery.

Vocal Coaching

We'll help you prepare for auditions, performances, or the recording studio. Vocal Coaching sessions focus on performance strategies, stage presence, musical choices, stylistic nuances, microphone technique, and learning how to sing different musical styles.

Voice Teacher Training

We equip teachers with all the tools needed for a successful, professional vocal studio. Trainees gain a masterful understanding of vocal pedagogy as it applies to singers of all levels, backgrounds, and musical styles, with opportunities to observe at New York Vocal Coaching, study, and apply techniques in practical ways.

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Justin is a fantastic teacher. Working with him has given me more confidence, expanded my range, and gotten me through months of touring - sometimes doing multiple shows a day. His knowledge and clarity about the physicality of singing would be a great benefit to singers in any genre. And, his lessons are actually fun!

Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon Actor, Musician The Bacon Brothers Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award Winner Film, Television, and Music Star

Trusted and Renowned Vocal Training

Justin Stoney and New York Vocal Coaching are the go-to resource when television, radio, and print media need information and perspective about vocal technique, singing style, and pedagogy. Some of the places you may have seen and heard us include:

The Today Show
The Wall Street Journal
New York Magazine
Huffington Post
Discovery News
Business Insider
Marie Claire
Yahoo! News
New York Post
Daily News
Fox 5 NY

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Justin and his colleagues are doing amazing work at New York Vocal Coaching. Performers of all levels can develop the skills they need in a truly safe, supportive, and nurturing atmosphere… the technique that Justin teaches provides a solid foundation that really opens up the voice to express itself freely and effortlessly. I highly recommend Justin and his team to any and everyone who wants to sing and reach their full potential.

Randy Skinner

Randy Skinner Four-Time Tony Award Nominee Three-Time Drama Desk Award Nominee Director & Choreographer

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Jessie J Vocal Analysis - Ep. 11 Voice Lessons Online

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NYVC's Andrea Grody Conducts The Public Theater's Latest Triumph

NYVC's Andrea Grody Conducts The Public Theater's Latest Triumph

A period long past but not soon to be forgotten, "Suffs" brings our incredible history back to life in order to shape our present!

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The results I've seen from performers who have worked with Justin have been remarkable. He enthusiastically and joyfully helps others to attain the results that have long escaped them working with other coaches or in acting and singing classes. I recommend him to actors, singers, and dancers of all ages and skill levels without qualification.

Barry Moss

Barry Moss Legendary casting director for over 100 Broadway shows including Nine, Children of a Lesser God, 42nd Street, Titanic, Crazy For You, Broadway revivals including West Side Story, Camelot, My Fair Lady, Sweeney Todd, Show Boat, and TV shows like The Cosby Show & A Different World

placeholder Julie Reumert Brontë England-Nelson Tim Rosser Kacey Velazquez Kristy Bissell Brendan Houdek Andy King
placeholder Julie Reumert Brontë England-Nelson Tim Rosser Kacey Velazquez Kristy Bissell Brendan Houdek Andy King

The Best Vocal Coaches In NYC & Worldwide

New York Vocal Coaching's incredible group of voice teachers and vocal coaches have together taught tens of thousands of lessons in person at our Midtown Manhattan vocal studio and all over the world via digital lessons. Thousands of students have learned that, yes, anyone can sing. And, it is this commitment to the joy of singing that brings our associates together, whatever their speciality.

At New York Vocal Coaching, we believe that one size does NOT fit all when it comes to vocal instruction! All of our highly trained voice teachers custom-tailor their teaching and lessons to each individual student's goals, abilities, and needs. We don't place our students into a predefined course plan or methodology — we work to find our students' best path to their goals.

Meet Our Staff

Working with Justin has been nothing short of incredible. He has a thorough understanding of not only singing but music and various musical styles. Each lesson he tailored or created exercises which specifically addressed my weaknesses and goals, as well as gave very insightful and encouraging critiques of repertoire I was working on. Of particular note were the rasp and distortion techniques he helped me with, which had never been taught to me before. Leaving each lesson I always felt challenged but encouraged and excited to work on what we had covered. I cannot recommend Justin highly enough for anyone seeking a vocal coach.

Tim Quick

Tim Quick Guitarist/Vocalist The Bacon Brothers, Gloria Gaynor, NBC’s Jesus Christ Superstar Live, Broadway

Sing Like Never Before
You Can Sing Like Never Before

Sing Like Never Before was created to help Singers and Voice Teachers understand complex ideas and concepts while still keeping the fun and the Joy throughout the process. With its colorful artwork and entertaining style,Sing Like Never Before is making vocal technique practical and accessible for vocalists and pedagogues everywhere.

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The Voice Lessons to the World Vocal Course

The Voice Lessons To The World Vocal Course is an all-original singing resource created by internationally-renowned voice teacher Justin Stoney and New York Vocal Coaching Inc. This 12-Part Vocal Course takes you on a singing journey from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced to Master. It features over 10+ hours of content, hundreds of vocal exercises, video & audio, and more. It's almost like taking lessons with Justin Stoney, except at your own pace and wherever you are!

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