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New York Vocal Coaching offers voice lessons, vocal coaching, voice teacher training, vocal evaluations, and more, both in-person and online via Skype/virtual lessons. And, through our sister companies, we offer speech coaching, acting & monologue coaching, audition prep, guitar/bass and piano lessons, recording & videography services, and much more.

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Voice Lessons

We'll focus on vocal technique to increase vocal range, build vocal strength, blend smoothly between head voice and chest voice, achieve mixed voice and belt coordinations, master multiple musical and vocal styles, sing high notes with ease, and eventually achieve technical and artistic mastery.

Vocal Coaching

We'll help you prepare for auditions, performances, or the recording studio. Vocal Coaching sessions focus on performance strategies, stage presence, musical choices, stylistic nuances, microphone technique, and learning how to sing different musical styles.

Voice Teacher Training

We equip teachers with all the tools needed for a successful, professional vocal studio. Trainees gain a masterful understanding of vocal pedagogy as it applies to singers of all levels, backgrounds, and musical styles, with opportunities to observe at New York Vocal Coaching, study, and apply techniques in practical ways.

Online Lessons

Aside from lessons in our NYC studio, we also offer lessons via Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts to vocalists anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer with an internal or external microphone, as well as a solid internet connection.

Group Classes

Searching for an opportunity to improve on your singing skills but haven't been able to get into your own private voice lessons?

Vocal Evaluations

Vocal Evaluations are a detailed, written analysis of the singer’s strengths and weaknesses based on a recording, with thorough and step-by-step information on how to improve vocally, along with a precise summary of current vocal skills.

Speech Coaching

Our sister company New York Speech Coaching specializes in enhancing your speaking voice and communication skills. Speech coaching can include work on clarity, tone, projection, breath, presentation skills, public speaking, accent modification, preparation technique, executive presence, and much more.

Speech Pathology

New York Speech Pathology is one of our sister companies, a speech therapy practice dedicated to serving adults, teens, and children with communication challenges through compassion, commitment, and creativity.

Musical Theatre Workshop

Great singing involves not just great vocal technique, but also great acting, stage presence, and performance skills as well. Theater veterans Arbender Robinson and Grant MacDermott unlock the secret to bringing the best you to auditions and the stage.

Acting Coaching

We are pleased to provide our singers with world-class resources for inhabiting the performance elements of their artistry. Our acting staff offers private acting lessons and small group acting classes at New York Vocal Coaching’s Midtown NYC studio.

Guitar Lessons

Often singers can benefit greatly from learning a musical instrument. Our piano and guitar teachers are proud to offer our students the chance to add these skills to their vocal training and professional goals.

Piano Lessons

Singers, songwriters, instrumentalists, whether advanced or just starting out, can gain major benefits from learning and playing piano. New York Vocal Coaching is proud to offer individualized piano lessons to our clients.

Music Directing

Along with Voice Teaching, Vocal Coaching, and Accompaniment, our Teachers are also experienced Music Directors. To inquire about this service, please reach out to Assistant@NewYorkVocalCoaching.com with the details of your project or show.

Musical Theatre Career Consulting

A Musical Theatre Career Consultation is open time with Andrea Grody to leverage whatever expertise her professional experience can offer you in service of your goals. Andrea is experienced at all levels of the musical theatre industry and can give practical advice and insight on the details and realities of the professional musical theatre lifestyle.

Audio Production

Professional audio recording and production services are available in-house at NYVC, from polished demo audio to full albums produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by our in-house audio engineer Marc Smith.

Video Production

NYVC's Video Production services range from demo video all the way to professional, multi-camera cinematic productions with lights, stabilizers, and small crews. All of our YouTube shows are produced in-house by our video production staff!

Internship / Work-study

New York Vocal Coaching offers an internship for the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. Interns may obtain college credit and will be provided with educational opportunities including master classes and private lessons.

New York Vocal Coaching's Voice Teacher Training & Certification course equips aspiring and experienced voice teachers with all the tools they need to teach voice lessons in the modern, professional vocal studio. Created by Justin Stoney, the founder of New York Vocal Coaching and one of the leading teaching talents in today’s vocal community. It's designed for aspiring and experienced voice teachers seeking to perfect their teaching craft. Unlike several other voice teacher certifications, the NYVC Voice Teacher Training is not a “method.” Instead, a great variety of techniques, concepts, and ideas from the world of cutting-edge vocal science and vocal pedagogy are explored. Learn more here.

The Voice Lessons To The World Vocal Course is a singing resource created by internationally-renowned voice teacher Justin Stoney and New York Vocal Coaching. This 12-part vocal course takes you on a singing journey from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced to Master. With over 10 hours of content, hundreds of vocal exercises, separate mail & female courses, and video exercises right by Justin's piano. It's a one-of-a-kind course with concepts and content never seen before and not found anywhere else! Find out more here.