Songwriter's Room hero

Songwriter's Room

Do you have a song you’ve been trying to finish writing for weeks, months, or even years? Or do you have a brilliant concept for a song but aren’t sure where to begin? In Songwriter’s Room, NYVC teacher and veteran singer/songwriter Abby Payne will help you get your song over its hurdle (or hurdles) and out into the world! 

After you present your song or idea in this small group class setting, Abby will help you discover what you need to bring your work to fruition. Is it a more catchy chorus? Different chords? And most importantly, are you clear on what you are trying to say in your 2-4 minute masterpiece? Abby has written hundreds of her own songs and has aided many artists of all levels in shepherding their work out onto the stage or into the recording studio. Completing a great song is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. Join us in the Songwriter’s Room and experience the joy for yourself!

Our next in-person class will take place on November 28th from 7PM-9 PM

Our next virtual class will take place on December 10th from 12PM-2PM

The class rate is $60 per session. To register, reach out to