New York Vocal Coaching


Each and every staff member at New York Vocal Coaching is deeply committed to the craft and calling of voice teaching and to the lives of our students. It is our continuing mission:

  1. To GIVE the finest vocal information and training to singers and speakers worldwide.
  2. To DEDICATE our heart, soul, strength, and mind to the craft and calling of Voice Teaching.
  3. To SERVE artists seeking to develop careers in the recording, theatre, and entertainment industries. Also, to serve those seeking vocal training for personal, spiritual, and artistic growth.
  4. To COLLABORATE as a team of teachers - with our students and with aspiring Voice Teachers - thus fostering a vocal community in New York City and internationally.
  5. To CREATE an environment where the emotional, artistic, and inner journey of every individual can reach its fullest expression alongside their vocal journey.
  • Give Vocal Information
  • Dedicate Voice Teaching
  • Serve Artists
  • Collaborate With Students
  • Create Artistic Enviroment
  • NYVC Logo
  • Learn Continually
  • Heal Wounds
  • Open Minds
  • Honor Positive Thinking
  • Inspire Singers