Emma Brock Takes on Michael Scott hero

Emma Brock Takes on Michael Scott

Posted Monday, May 31st 2021 by Meredith Davis
Hey singers! Check out Justin Stoney’s student Emma Brock in the Off-Broadway production of The Office: A Musical Parody. This slapstick song and dance takes the antics of the beloved show to a whole new level.

Comedy gold is struck by bringing together the powerhouse vocals and timing of Emma Brock to this intimate theatrical setting. The audience is brought right into the throws and cubicles of Dunder Mifflin’s most admired characters. 

New York Vocal Coaching has been a proud supporter of Miss Brock on her theatrical journey. With such a demanding role, Miss Brock has taken great lengths to sharpen her vocal comedy skills. Eight shows a week of vocal antics can take a tole. Therefore, breath support and projection are key! This helps to ensure that sound reaches all members of the audience without straining the performer's instrument. Other vocal tools like proper placement can help to control a performer's volume of singing, shouting and laughter while keeping both strength and tone in check. It is with the proper vocal technique studied at NYVC that Miss Brock has kept her vocal health in tact. And all while still serving the audience her unique brand of high brow hilarity! 

This particular show is also a stand out as it is the first theatrical production to return to in person performances in the New York City area. After a year that has dimmed even the bright lights of Broadway, this is quite an achievement.  Under the leadership of Miss Brock, this little comedy and its cast charges into a new dawn. 

Tickets available through Ticketmaster here.

The original New Yorker article available here.

Meredith Davis

Meredith is the Studio Manager at New York Vocal Coaching, as well as an experienced actor, director, and choreographer. She served as the director of Musical Theatre for the North Carolina Young Artists Program. During the summer of 2011, 2012 and 2013, NCYAP traveled internationally to Bulgaria and Italy to perform her works. She has also worked as the Assistant to the Producer of North Carolina Theatre where she maintained the daily workings of every production throughout the spring season of 2013.

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