Student's Perspective Part II: Confidence is Key! hero

Student's Perspective Part II: Confidence is Key!

Posted Saturday, December 2nd 2023 by Andy King
Have you always wondered what it’s like to take a singing lesson? Let's see what NYVC students have to say about their experience!

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How long have you been taking lessons?

I've been taking lessons with Andy since August 2022.

Why are you taking lessons?

I'm taking singing lessons to improve my vocal capabilities, increase my singing confidence, and eventually record music.

What do you love most about voice lessons?

What I love most about voice lessons is singing the clear improvement in my vocals, how personalized each lesson is to improve on my weak points, and the overall enjoyment of trying new things and pushing yourself to new limits. 

What have you learned in your lessons?

I've learned that confidence plays a huge role in singing, really feeling the passion in the song you're singing. Also, I've learned that pushing yourself and stretching out your voice will increase your vocal capabilities. 

What advice would you give to someone considering taking lessons?

Be prepared and try to go into each lesson with a focus in mind. 

If you could go back in time to your first lesson, what advice would you give yourself?

I'd tell myself to map out short term and long term goals that I can strive for. It really helps the voice teacher understand the "why" and help you work towards those goals.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Taking the first step in signing up for singing lessons was the hardest part, it just gets easier from there :)

Andy King

Senior Voice Teacher Associate

Andy specializes in voice technique for Musical Theatre, Pop/Rock/R&B, and Classical. Mr. King’s clients range from professional Music Theatre actors to Professional Pop/Rock/Singer-Songwriters and sacred singers singing professionally in NYC churches and synagogues. He also accompanies and coaches a Musical Theatre class at New York Vocal Coaching. His clients have been seen on Broadway, Off-Broadway, on National Tours, and Regional Theaters.

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