Yes, They Work! The Advantages of Online Voice Lessons hero

Yes, They Work! The Advantages of Online Voice Lessons

Posted Monday, May 10th 2021 by David McCall
While nothing can truly replace the experience of an in-person lesson, there are still several benefits to online lessons. While they are different, they are ultimately equal. If an in-person lesson is not available to you, or if the teacher you want does not live near you, take heart! Online lessons could be your answer. 

Online Voice Lessons can still significantly improve your singing when an in-person lesson isn't an option. While the technology requirements present a hurdle, if you have a computer or phone, strong Wi-Fi, and a video chat app, you can experience a world-class voice lesson from anywhere.

Ease and Accessibility

That's right! No travel time - just pop into your bedroom or living room and sing. If you're feeling nervous about singing in the first place, you'll most likely be more comfortable singing in your own familiar space. 

If you're traveling for work or vacation you don't have to forfeit your progress. If you're about to go into the recording studio and you have a last minute vocal question or hiccup, you can check in with your teacher from virtually anywhere.

Technology and Music

Online voice lessons perfectly integrate technology into your musical growth. Microphone and  headphone practice are great for prepping for studio work and knowing what sounds right to you.

Plus, you and your teacher can share documents, MP3s, video recordings, sheet music, and notes in real time via online accessories like Google Drive.

Most video apps like Skype and Zoom make it easier than ever to video record your lesson. If a technique doesn't click for you in the session, you have the video to review and use for practice until it does. 

Work with the Best

Thanks to online voice lessons, you can learn from great voice teachers from around the world, not just in your area. If you happen to have found your ideal teacher, then if he or she is traveling, you can stick to your schedule. 

Vocal Independence

One of the top advantages of online voice lessons is Vocal Independence. If you're in the same room with your teacher, you can grow reliant on what the teacher thinks and possibly dismiss your own intuition.

Of course they have valid opinions and ideas to make you sound your best, but you are the designer of your voice. Singing in an online voice lesson ultimately puts you in a more active role in your learning and helps you to rely on your own ear. 

Online voice lessons are a great choice for the beginner at home or the pro on the road. Check in with us as New York Vocal Coaching and we'd be happy to help answer any of your questions or help you schedule your first online voice lesson.

Sources: Kristy Bissell, Andy King, Julie Reumert, and David McCall 

David McCall

Senior Voice Teacher, Head of Vocal Development

David has become one of the leading instructors of Contemporary Voice in New York City, with clients ranging from Broadway singers (Billy Elliot, Matilda), Classical and sacred music singers, cantors in New York City Synagogues, to Professional Rock and Pop artists, some of which have toured and been signed to record contracts, appeared on shows like The Voice and American Idol, and performed at venues such as SXSW. Additionally, David has taught as a Master Teacher of Contemporary Voice for the NYSTA Comparative Vocal Pedagogy series.

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