"I've been amazed at what I've accomplished so far in my lessons with David McCall. A songwriter, I started taking vocal lessons to expand my range a bit and strengthen my ability to write melodies using my voice. Through David's guidance, I have experienced greater improvement in my singing than I imagined possible and am now looking forward to performing. David's subtly employs his expansive knowledge of music and the vocal mechanism to draw the best out of me. His good humor and graciousness make lessons comfortable and fun. I'm looking forward to continued work together and would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their singing."

"Whenever I feel uncomfortable with a note, David is just brilliant in explaining the reason behind it and how to adjust it. I completely trust him with my voice."
Dubspot Music School

"I first came to David because I wanted to learn how to sing pop and R&B songs. I grew up learning strictly classical music, so I was afraid that I will not be able to change my habits and be able to sing the popular songs I have always wanted to sing.

But David was so patient with me. He broke down all the techniques I needed to know in ways I could understand. It didn't matter how long it took, he was willing to take the time to teach me the proper technique for singing these pop tunes. For example, he taught me how to become more comfortable with my chest voice, a technique I used to be hesitant in using frequently. He also has a great ear, which helped me fine tune my tone and pitch each time. Most importantly, no matter how frustrated I would get, he would always give me encouraging messages and cheer me on.

With his coaching and his positive energy I am now a lot more confident with my singing abilities. I couldn't be happier and I look forward to my weekly lessons with David. It's like musical therapy day for me. And I guess that's the best way to describe it."
CEO Guide Prep

"David is an amazing vocal coach and an awesome human being!  The progress my son has made in the three years he had been working with David is phenomenal.  It had allowed him to land several lead roles in both school and company productions.  My son loves taking lessons with David and the professional growth he has made is a direct reflection on David's ability to bring out the extraordinary potential in all of his students."
Parent of student, Professional Performing Arts High School, NYC

"I had never had a singing lesson in my life prior to starting with David McCall. After just 3 months, I must say my singing has improved dramatically. I feel like I am better after each and every lesson. Not only does David guide you through various exercises, but he also explains what is happening technically in a clear and concise way. In addition, he is great at giving tips which help you feel what you are trying to accomplish. I would highly recommend David to anyone trying to improve, amateur of professional."
Guitarist and Singer

"I came to David looking to expand my repertoire for auditions and to improve my voice.  He went above and beyond to help me in these areas, but what I wasn’t expecting from my weekly lessons was the major boost in self-confidence!  Looking back, I hardly recognize the timid-voiced girl I was during my first lesson.  David’s friendly demeanor will immediately put any student at ease, and his constructive criticism never comes across as harsh or judgmental.  Simply put, David is the best!"
Director of Education, Greyman Theatre Company

"Dave quickly identified ways in which I could improve my vocal projection / range and helped me implement these improvements through the appropriate exercises."
Alternative Rock Singer/Songwriter

"For almost a year, I have been traveling into New York City to work with my vocal coach David McCall. And I can sincerely say that you will not find a more talented or knowledgeable teacher than David McCall. His ability to communicate the technical and musical aspects of vocal performing is truly amazing. So, if you are a professional entertainer or just a person starting out, David will help you achieve your dream."
Classical Choir Singer

"David McCall has been an incredible source of musical knowledge.  His technique and breathing exercises are insightful and help you make the most out of every breath you take to help you sing with ease.   I have everything to owe to him with regards to my voice, his musical guidance has been outstanding, and I am eternally grateful for it.  I look forward to every lesson I have with him, and I highly recommend him as a tutor. "
X Factor Finalist

"I was in New York only long enough for three lessons with David, but I could tell he is a very patient and attentive teacher — and person."
Italian Pop Rock Singer

"I want to tell you how awesome it has been working with the associate, David McCall, at New York Vocal Coaching on 36th Street. I have been singing on my church's worship team for about nine years and this past July I began to experience difficulties singing in the higher ranges. I began to feel what appeared to be a lump in my throat and decided to have it checked out. On 07/30, I was found to have vocal nodules, or nodes, as described by Brittany Snow on Pitch Perfect. It was then I began vocal therapy and scheduled my first vocal lesson with David. I was unable to sing in the higher ranges like before but that very first lesson completely took its toll on me. I was amazed, astonished, overwhelmed with hope at how within one hour David took me from barely being able to hum without pain to feeling absolutely relaxed, free and confident that I would someday sing like before and even better. Do not hesitate to try working with one of the associates, especially with David, he is an amazing teacher who brings the basics and the talent of singing into a tangible reality for anyone.

I thought I was singing correctly all of these years but I was doing it all wrong. I absolutely urge you to try one class with David, it will open your eyes and you will come back for more."
Worship Music Leader

"I have taken David’s vocal class for three years now and it has been truly life changing. From the moment I walked in, there was such a welcoming feeling. David McCall had a big smile on his face and I felt right at home. He uses techniques specialized for my voice and he specifically focuses on trouble points in a song. I always look forward to our time together because I know that we will both die of laughter somewhere in the session. David is so easy to talk to and so genuine. He really connects with me on a personal level and pushes me to my fullest extent. It’s crazy to think about the amount of songs we have worked on together. Whether it is Frank Sinatra or classical Broadway, he always finds a challenge for me. He’s also helped me with many audition pieces for productions I’ve been in and has even taken time out of his busy schedule to attend my shows. His devotion and love to musical theater and the voice has been one of the greatest inspirations for me in my own pursuit of musical theater. If you ever do take his class, I guarantee that your life will be changed for the better!"
Student @ Professional Performing Arts High School:  Musical Theater

"I’ve been working with David McCall at NYVC for over six years now. He is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had, in ANY field. With David’s guidance I have learned so much about myself as a performer- and person- and soared to heights I never even dreamt of as possible for myself. He is supportive, compassionate, and kind. He is hilarious, creative, and inspiring. He believes in his students- pushing them to their potential and holding them accountable, while also congratulating them every step along the way. He always has your best interest at heart. David is an amazing voice coach whether you‘re at step 1 or step 100. He has coached me through so many stages of life- from college auditions to musical theater intensives to grad school auditions to professional New York showcases etc.- and I’m just so overwhelmingly grateful. I truly wouldn’t be the same singer that I am today without him!"
-Alexa Jordan
Actress, Playwright


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"Julie Reumert changed my relationship with something that I never thought I would be comfortable with: my voice. As a brand new student to vocal coaching, I was stunned at how easily Julie transformed my insecurities into confidence, my discomfort into ease. She has an beautiful energy and a lovely, kind spirit that not only welcomed me into the studio but even got me, a most reluctant student, excited about and fascinated by using and developing the voice that I never knew I had. I am extraordinarily grateful for my time with Julie and for what I learned from her. The voice is a terrible thing to waste, and with Julie, I finally heard my own!"
Beginning Singing Student

"As a vocalist, I came to Julie Reumert with a bunch of problem areas. I took 8 classes with my wonderful vocal coach to slowly discover a new, powerful, confident and easily accessible voice in me. Every class, I felt her stretching my limits, conquering small peaks, and these small victories would make me feel positive about the whole process. She is gradual, patient and positive! I highly recommend taking lessons with Julie. She has equipped me with the ammo I need for healthy singing. I am so glad I found her :)"
- Shalmali Kholgade

"I’ve been going to New York Vocal Coaching for about a year now and I am more than happy with my time here. My teacher is Julie Reumert and she has completely changed my voice for the better. Not only is my technique in such great shape, she helps me explore what styles really fit my voice best. Overall the staff here is amazing, I highly recommend any services they offer here to everyone."
- Ariana Maione

"I found New York Vocal Coaching and Julie Reumert when I was preparing to sing at my sister’s wedding. I was so lucky to find her; it made a world of difference in my preparations. I enjoyed it so much that I am now singing with Julie every week. I always loved singing and do it purely for the joy of it. Julie has helped me enormously with getting to know and trust my own voice and developing it step by step. She is always pushing me just enough, never letting me get comfortable but also not pushing me do things I’m not ready for. I’m amazed how she always finds this balance; it has helped me expand my range, build confidence and makes it so much fun. Julie is such a joy to work with, she has an amazing energy, is incredibly generous and extremely knowledgeable and talented. I cannot recommend her and New York Vocal coaching enough. The studio is beautiful and the staff is very friendly and helpful. Whatever your level and ambition, they will make you feel welcome."
- Caroline Ståhlberg

“Julie Reumert is a wonderful person and teacher. I'm in a band and have some things I've felt limited by as a singer. Specifically belting. She has helped me tremendously in understanding and growing my voice . Julie is knowledgeable in her craft and is an inspiring focused individual to be around. So grateful for a teacher like this. Go!!!”

"Julie Reumert is virtuosic as both a vocalist and a teacher, which allows her to impart the invaluable knowledge that helps mold individuals into both confident and technically skilled singers. As a person, she emits the light that is needed to clearly view the potential that lies within all of us, especially when we have trouble seeing it ourselves. With Julie, you will learn the science of healthful singing as well as the art of honest singing."
- Anthony C.

"I always loved to sing but never had the training or understanding of how to control my voice. Not even a year with Julie Reumert in my corner & I found the confidence to do my first Cabaret show in the city. She is beyond patient with me & knows how to make me feel comfortable so that I can let my voice shine without fear. If you are looking to really grow as an artist, I recommend coming in to NYVC!"
- Syrissa Sacca

"…[Lessons with Julie] became the best hour of my week. It became something I decided to take seriously, and I believe it's because of her charm, enthusiasm and clear love and dedication to her art. It's infectious.

Julie Reumert is such a gifted teacher. Some people can do an art well, but rare are those that chose to take the time to share their gift."
- Maura Barthel

"My “assigned” teacher was Julie Reumert.  I did my homework on her, too!  A renowned opera singer, studied at Julliard…  Holy Moses!!  I felt like I hit the jackpot!

When I finally had my first lesson, I was nervous.  I thought Julie R. would be "better than me" for lack of the right word.  She was AMAZING!!!  She took time to listen to my story.  She shared her story.  She didn't judge me, she didn't laugh when I told her how important singing was to me, she didn't laugh when I cried, she didn't act "better" than me...  She was VERY real, and VERY sincere, and VERY giving.  She knew right away what direction my lesson needed to take for the duration of the lesson!  I felt totally comfortable singing for her from the first note.  She pinpointed strengths and weaknesses right off the bat.  She offered constructive criticism in a very comfortable manner.  And THEN, before, during, and AFTER my audition, she checked in on me via email just to see how I was.  Teachers don't have to do that.  They don't get paid for that extra time…

Bottom line, if you are looking for a voice teacher, the NY Vocal Coaching Company is THE place to go.  If you have to wait to get a lesson, it is WORTH THE WAIT!  Don't get caught up in having to have a lesson with Justin or no lesson!  Just is amazing - no question.  But so is his staff.  His assistant and associates are simply fabulous.  I have the utmost respect for Justin, and for my teacher, Julie Reumert.  If there's one thing I know, it is that you CANNOT sing in a negative environment.  The NYVC Company is anything BUT negative!  They will inspire you, lift your spirits, and light your fire!  Not to mention - teach you the most comprehensive techniques to "cure you of what ails you"!  They are, in a word, the BEST!"
Professional Voice Teacher and Singer

"I have never experienced being in a room with such talent. Julie Reumert is one of the best coaches I have ever been to. She has an unexplainable enthusiasm for not only music, but the progress of her students. She takes the time to work out every intricate detail with you and your music. Not only is she always honest, but the best part is that she then gives you techniques on how to improve and become an even better vocalist and artist.

Julie was one of the first people who told me that I can do anything I put my mind to regarding music and the first one I actually believed. She is always rooting for me and always wants to enhance my vision for music. I absolutely love class, if I could go every single day I would. This year has been incredible and I can just say that I never thought I would be here in New York City singing and learning from someone who knows so much. I have drastically improved, not only vocally and musically but also my confidence has jumped right up and made me feel like I really can do anything I put my mind to. None of this would have been possible without Julie Reumert.

Julie has become my mentor and her success has driven me to become just as successful one day. I feel so lucky and am so proud to call her my coach.

Since I have been at NYVC, I have been asked to perform my own original songs for the military in front of a few thousand people.

I definitely wouldn't be where I am today without New York Vocal Coaching. The music guru and founder of NYVC, Justin Stoney, and Julie have given me the most wonderful opportunity and I want to thank them both for believing in me and pushing me to do my best!"
- Alexandra Zoghby


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"I am currently a student of Zac Bradford, and having nothing but praise for the entire New York Vocal Coaching organization. The staff is incredibly friendly and sweet, everyone is very down to earth and helpful, and the instructors are some of the most knowledgeable people I ever had the pleasure of talking to. I first began taking lesson with Zac around 3 or 4 months ago, and in that relatively short amount of time, my technique improved immensely and I feel more confident in my abilities. The prices are also very reasonable. If you're looking for very high quality vocal/speech instruction with patient and passionate teachers for affordable prices, NYVC is the place to go."
-Anton Kurdakov
Musical Theatre Singer and Composer

"I absolutely LOVE New York Vocal Coaching! Everyone who works there is super nice, the policies (in terms of cancellations, payments, etc.) are all very reasonable, and they offer fantastic voice lessons that are affordable. I was assigned to take lessons with Zac and I've been learning from him for about 6 months. He not only has extensive knowledge on vocal techniques as well as the biology behind them, but he is a very agreeable person who clearly cares about his students. He has an infinite number of tricks up his sleeve that help me master techniques and reach notes that I was always afraid of facing before taking lessons with him. I love NYVC's sliding scale because it just shows how much they truly care about teaching and having their students succeed. I've run into Justin Stoney a few times and he is also a friendly, nice, and genuine guy, so it's no wonder all the staff members I've met are equally as awesome. If it wasn't obvious, I highly recommend taking lessons here (especially with Zac!) if you want to see an improvement in your singing & level of confidence! Thanks NYVC :)"
-Yaniza Dore
Singer/Songwriter/Youtube Sensation with 600,000+ Views

"My daughter takes vocal lessons via Skype with Zac Bradford at New York Vocal Coaching and I must say several things - we love them. My daughter is only in 3rd grade and is rather reserved, but after 2-3 months of training with Zac, she recently had a big audition and had 2 callbacks. My daughter has a beautiful voice, but just like any tool, you need to know how to use it, and because of Zac she does. At the audition, she was fully prepared because they had practiced with accompaniment, karaoke, instrumental, and without any music. She was so confident also based on her knowing she was fully prepared. Zac is also very kind, and patient. You will not go wrong choosing NYVC for your training."
-Ty Wooten
Mother of young Contemporary Vocalist

"My name is Ethan Beer and I’m 14 years old. Through my weekly lessons over the past 12 months with Zac Bradford I have learned many techniques that have not only built strength, tone and control, but also increased my range significantly. I feel privileged to connect with Zac and continue developing my skills. Having lessons with Zac has empowered me with confidence and skills that have taken my singing to the next level. I am now singing in Hollywood, recording and pursuing my dream in the entertainment industry. I wouldn’t be here without Zac coaching me and taking a personal interest in developing me. I recommend anybody who wants a friendly and professional singing coach to contact Zac."
-Ethan Beer
Matilda, Australian National Tour, Singer/Songwriter in Hollywood

"I came to NYVC as a beginner looking for an outlet for my love of singing and I was lucky enough to be paired with Zac Bradford who is encouraging, knowledgeable, and patient. I have learned so much from Zac about the possibilities my voice has. It’s very cool to actually experience how practicing techniques can change and improve your voice and Zac has helped me choose songs to work with my vocal range and goals. Going to a lesson is a highlight of my week because Zac makes exercises fun and challenging and I always leave with plenty of homework that I look forward to. Thank you Zac! NYVC as a whole is an amazing place that offers an encouraging and friendly environment and I love their holistic mission."
-Christine O’Leary

"I’ve only been taking lessons with Zac Bradford for about 2 months now, but I can already feel the positive effects! On my first day with Zac, he asked me what aspects of my voice I most wanted to improve and work on; since then, he has continued to take careful consideration to create specific exercises for my voice and training. I am so grateful to him and all of NYVC for giving me such a great place to work and learn!"
-Isaak Olson
Professional Actor
US National Tour A Christmas Carol

"I approached Zac with the goal of auditioning for a Bachelor of Music as a vocalist. I brought the requirements of the audition and the assigned tunes to him and told him of my plans to audition and we started work right away. I noticed an improvement in my voice and my confidence by the end of the first lesson, and both improved in every lesson after that. Zac has a fun and relaxed teaching style that puts you at ease whilst also achieving an improvement in your knowledge and use of your instrument. At the time of writing I am in my second semester of a Bachelor of Music: Jazz Performance at the Jazz Music Institute in Brisbane. I couldn’t be happier with Zac’s teaching and the results of his guidance."
-Dean Johnson
Accepted as Vocal Major into Jazz Music Institute

"Zac is an amazing vocal coach! I worked with him for almost 3 years, and he really helped me better my technique and improve my overall sound. Led by the amazing Justin Stoney, the team has helped me perfect my vocal technique, develop my artistic style, and produce professional studio recordings. They are highly professional and masters of their crafts! No matter your level of musical proficiency, I recommend NYVC to achieve your musical goals!"
-Eston Miles
Professional Singer

"I’m so happy to study at New York Vocal Coaching with Mr. Zac Bradford. He has helped me to fix all my vocal habits. At first, I was singing with too much tension in my throat. I also didn't like singing in a falsetto and head voice and I couldn't do it well. However, now I feel so comfortable with head voice and falsetto and I can finally sing without any tension. He teaches in such a clear and understandable way. I appreciate Zac Bradford’s teaching so much!"
-Ari Miyagawa
Musical Theatre Actress, Student at Marymount Manhattan College

"I took lessons for a couple of months with Zac and had an amazing experience! He is the most supportive teacher I've ever had. He really tailors his lessons for your specific needs and he knows how to make even the challenging aspects really fun. I learned so much from him in a short amount of time! I highly recommend taking lessons at New York Vocal Coaching. Zac was a terrific person to learn from, and the whole staff is super friendly and available to you. And, they all really want you to succeed! A hundred stars!"
-Eva B.
Contemporary Vocalist

"I don't have enough good things to say about New York Vocal Coaching and my voice teacher! I started taking lessons about two months ago with Zac Bradford. In that time, I've seen and heard tremendous improvement in my singing. The staff and faculty are all super nice and accommodating to your needs - whether it's changing lesson times, wanting to take a lesson with a different teacher each week, or just helping to answer any of your singing questions. I'd taken singing lessons for the past two years with another teacher and had seen little improvement in my vocal technique until I started taking lessons with Zac. He immediately debunked some singing myths I held to be true, helped correct some of my singing habits, and after completing an exercise during a lesson always makes it a point to ask: “How did that feel?”. This really forced me to pay attention to my habits, technique and feeling. All in all, a great organization for any singer!"
-Daniel Fernandez
Singer/Songwriter/Gigging Musician

"I've been taking voice lessons with Zac for about a year now, and the way I've used my voice has changed drastically under his tutelage. My voice is clearer, brought more forward, and I now have a stronger mix between my head and chest voice. I recommend him, and this studio, to anyone who wants to become a professional or wants to get closer to their true voice."
-Carolina Do
SHE, a choreoplay Off-Broadway

"Worked with Zac for 3 to 4 months. He is very easy to work with, and help you achieve your goal along the way. He has a very good academic background when it gets to explaining technical knowledge about producing voice. The coaching style, as least for me, puts emphasis on basics, such as using lots of air to support whatever you want to do next."
-CK Tsang
Beginning Singer

"I am a beginner singer, and had travelled a long distance to be coached by Justin Stoney. My finances were not good, but his lessons were important to me, and worth the journey. I will be forever grateful to Justin for having enough faith in my ability and dedication to offer me a scholarship, thereby reducing my cost, and for the confidence boost that his concessions ignited.

Zac, who became my regular teacher, was amazingly patient, full of all sorts of techniques and tips for helping me to move past the psychological hang-ups and sussing out the root of my vocal issues. He is one exceptionally talented instructor! My thanks to everyone at NYVC for being so supportive, pleasant, and student-oriented in their approach. I do wish I could have remained in NYC to continue classes....but I am off to a great start, thanks to all the good lessons from Zac, and Justin's kindness."
-J.A. Morgan

"I've been attending weekly, one hour classes with Zac Bradford for about 3 months now and have nothing but great things to say about New York Vocal Coaching and mu instructor. Coming in with absolutely no singing experience and a less-than-pleasant voice, I was extremely intimidated to begin. Zac put me at ease within a few minutes. He does a fantastic job of recognizing where you're at, providing drills to help you warm up, suggesting songs that fit your range, and offering plenty of “tools” to help along the way.

I'm honestly so happy that I stepped out of my comfort zone to try this out and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. This is all due to Zac's welcoming, positive attitude every single lesson. Regardless of experience level, I encourage you to give NYVC a shot and would highly recommend choosing Zac Bradford as your instructor."
-Collin Schumacher
Beginning Singer

"I really enjoyed my time with Zac Bradford. He is a skilled technician of the anatomy of the voice and is very good at helping all levels learn to sing safely and more efficiently. I would recommend Zac as a voice teacher for SURE!"
-Daisy Hobbs
Disney's Aladdin on Broadway

“Zac is a spectacular vocal coach! Cool, knowledgeable and patient, Zac does everything he can to help you reach new heights in your vocal training and journey. I’m amazed how much I've been able to grow as a vocalist and individual within a few months work ! Thanks Zac you are the best!”
- Connie Turkson

“Zac Bradford is one of the most insightful vocal coaches I've ever worked with. His coaching technique is spot on for whatever is holding back your progress and moves past those blocks very quickly. But most importantly, he gives you hope!”
- Mara Sanchez, Actress/Singer-Songwriter

“My wife and I are both professional ballet dancers at the Metropolitan Opera in NYC and we both have studied with Zac. He is the best voice teacher we've ever had! He's is brilliant in helping us understand the importance of our vocal instrument. We became much better singers and we also have a complete understanding of the power of our voices.He is very friendly and makes you feel comfortable and the way he taught us to prepare, warm up, breathe was very efficient. We definitely recommend Zac a million times!”
- Junio Enrique & Ana Luiza Luizi: Ballet dancers at the Metropolitan Opera, Actors (including Converse, Calvin Klein & Faber Castell commercials)

“I have been taking weekly voice lessons with Zac Bradford for over a year now. Not only has he been a fun and enjoyable to teacher to learn from, but he has also taught me more than I could have ever imagined. After one lesson I remember feeling like he had already transformed my voice. His silly seeming but special vocal exercises have allowed for my upper and lower ranges to extend substantially. Furthermore, my vocal coordination, technique and knowledge have improved tremendously since I began my lessons with Zac. I have become much more skilled and confident with my singing because of him. I recommend Zac to any singer who wants to get drastically better while having a great time. I look forward to further improving in all of my lessons to come! Thank you Zac!”
- Lilly Avram
Accepted to the University of Southern California Music Program

“Zac Bradford is an awesome person to be working with, he clearly knows his stuff.”
- Zeke

“Zac is a true professional and his experience shows. He has a friendly nature and makes you feel comfortable and confident.”
- Christy Taurins

"Zac's presentation was fascinating, engaging, and incredibly useful. The workshop he took in the afternoon was outstanding. He got really great results from his students (you would swear it was magic if he hadn't just shown you exactly how it was achieved). Highly recommend."
-James Harrison
Professional Actor
Attendee/Presenter at The Australian Actor Training Conference

"My name is Emma and I’m 18 years old. I had the privilege of working with New York Vocal Coaching Australia to record one of my musical theatre arrangements for a university portfolio submission. This was an amazingly rewarding experience as it was not only my first time recording in a studio, but also my first time recording one of my arrangements. To put every piece of my arrangement together required a lot of time to record all the instrumental and vocal parts, which I was a little bit nervous about heading into the recording session. However, Zac made this process feel so much easier for me by encouraging me every step of the way and being extremely understanding when we had to do several takes of some trickier sections. After the time I spent in the studio, Zac continued to put time and effort into my recording to get the perfect balance of sound and harmony until we got the perfect sound.

I am so happy with the final product, so if anyone is looking into NYVCA’s recording service, I very highly recommend them and cannot wait for my next opportunity to record with them."
-Emma Venzke
Musical Theatre Performer


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"When I started lessons with Andrea Grody, I was an experienced singer, but I always felt that certain songs were inaccessible to me because they required a high belt that I thought I didn't have. I came in with the goal of finally learning how to belt, and Andrea helped me do exactly that. With Andrea's guidance (and her never-ending patience), I can now belt as high as I'll ever need to go, and it doesn't even feel difficult anymore.

Andrea is great at meeting you wherever you are, vocally, and then pushing you to go beyond what you thought you were capable of. One of the best things about Andrea's lessons is that she always gives feedback in a positive way. I never feel like I've done something wrong, but I can feel the growth and changes in my voice after only 3 months of lessons. Andrea is awesome!"
-Michal Barnea
Musical Theatre Actress

"Since joining NYVC I've went from the type of person who was conscious about singing alone in a room, to being able to do a few sets a week as a singer/songwriter. I don't think I could've done it without NYVC, and certainly couldn't have done it this quickly without Andrea. In all the different fields of interest I've explored, I've never met a more patient, passionate, and motivated instructor. I'll be training at NYVC for good."
-Steven Williams

"Andrea Grody is by far the best vocal coach I've ever had. My singing has improved way more than I thought it could in the couple of months that I've been taking lessons with her. No matter how my voice feels going into a lesson, we always seem to break new ground in terms of technique and I have something new to go home and practice. (I've even been about a half hour late and still had a crazy productive lesson in just half the time). She tailors exercises directly to the song I'm working on and they're always remarkably effective. I really can't say enough good things about Andrea as a teacher and she's a super cool person as well. Lessons at NYVC are a steal- best money I've ever spent studying voice!"
-Megan Talay


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"Andy King is hands down the best voice teacher I’ve ever had. My vocal range has grow beyond anything I ever imagined and he is helping me to sing in a way that feels easy and effortless, especially when I am struggling with a difficult phrase or particular note, he knows exactly how to make it happen. I’ve made greater progress with Andy in a much shorter time that I ever did from years of struggling with other teachers/coaches. My technique, tone and confidence are much more consistent now, thanks to Andy’s knowledge and expertise"
-Jeff Lagace
Professional Actor/Broadway National and International Tour of CATS

"I have been taking voice lessons from Andy on and off for about the past 3 years and I can see such an improvement. I am now able to access parts of my voice I was never able to before. Andy helps you dive into the meaning behind your songs and knows what will work well in an audition. He'll give you the tools you need to succeed!"
-Katie Fogarty
Musical Theatre Actor

"New York Vocal Coaching has opened so many possibilities for me as a singer and performer. Andy King has been my teacher and he has helped my voice grow in the past couple months more than I could imagine. He follows the technique and makes sure your technique is the main focus in order to use the fullness of your voice the right way. This studio has made my voice grow to new levels and made it affordable to do what I love."
-Akoni Steinmann
Professional Actor

"I have been taking lessons with Andy King since August 2016. For the past couple of years, he has helped me develop my skills not just in singing but in performing and brought it to places I never imagined I could reach. He has definitely built my confidence and helped me appreciate this art more than ever."
-Vincent Cloyd Exito
Musical Theatre Actor

"Andy King has been a life-changing coach for me this past year. Not only have I gotten sooo much better vocally since taking his lessons, he has gotten me out of my comfort zones and encouraged me to grow as a performer. Andy has a way of coaching that truly gets to the heart of my inner obstacles and talks me through them in a way that develops not only my abilities, but also my self-confidence and self-worth every single week. Learning from Andy has become one of my main focuses over the past few months, and I am so grateful for his compassion and teaching talent."
-Thomas Glorio

"Studying and taking lessons with Andy King has been one of the best decisions that I could have made over the last couple of years. Before coming to NYVC, I wasn’t so sure if Musical Theatre was still the path for me. Working with Andy brought that back to life. From his teaching methods, patience with his students, dedication, challenges to see you grow as a performer, and positive attitude, I was able to rediscover my passion for Musical Theatre that once was lost. I have gained new skills, better vocal technique, and a confidence in myself that I had never truly experienced before. Whether you just love to sing for fun, you’re an experienced singer or performer, or maybe you, just like me, need that nudge and encouragement to continue moving forward, I would highly recommend Andy King as your voice teacher! You won’t regret it!"
-Berkeley Glover
Professional Musical Theatre Actress

"I have been taking voice lessons with Andy King just short of a year. I can’t begin to tell you how much confidence I have gained since starting lessons with him. He has helped me recognize bad habits that I didn’t even know I had, which included a ton of tension in my jaw specifically. We’ve worked on exercises to help relieve all that tension. In doing so, it has helped me tremendously. Singing has become easier, my range has improved, and I’m finding that my tone has been much more consistent throughout. Singing was always the most stressful part of auditioning for me, but now I can walk into that room with confidence, sing comfortably, and leave feeling good about what I did! I highly recommend checking him out!"
-Danny Lopez
Professional Actor/Broadway Tour of Mamma Mia

"I've been taking classes with Andy King since November of 2015 and he has been a great teacher. He has taught me things that previous teacher's haven't ever even mentioned, such as breath control, blurring the middle ground between falsetto and chest voice, and more importantly, finding my own voice over mimicking other singers. In the short time that I have been under his guidance, I have improved my projection and technique and feel more confident in my singing than before. He is very knowledgeable, and overall, a great person to learn from."
-Fabian Romero
Singer-Songwriter and Rock Singer

"When we first signed up our daughters for voice lessons at New York vocal coaching, we weren't sure whether we made the right decision nor did we know what to expect. I can say with all certainty that it was the best decision! It has been a great experience. The girls (6 and 9 years old) have learnt so much with Andy and they have a wonderful time while doing so. They look forward to every lesson. Andy is great with the kids and keeps them engaged; he is an outstanding coach and the girls value him as a friend as well. They sing and use their voice for auditions and life in general with more confidence and others take notice. We are grateful to Andy, Tanya and all at NYVC for the warm, positive and inspiring environment that they create."
-Camila Cervantes-Flores
Mother of Andrea and Camila

"I am so lucky to have found New York Vocal Coaching and in particular, Andy King!  As a novice singer, I needed a lot of time and technical help to progress. Andy has helped me correct my breathing, develop my mix voice, learn how to relax while singing and in the process, made it possible for me to reach higher notes.  He has also worked tirelessly to act as a mentor, always available and going out of his way to give advice and guidance in creating a career. Andy speaks as a friend and authority as he attempts to instill in his students the love of music and theater he so clearly possesses.  He has made it possible for me to begin seeing myself as a singer. I cannot recommend him enough."
-Joshua M

"I have been working with Andy King for a little over a year now, and words cannot express the changes my voice and my level of confidence have gone through in such a short period of time! I have worked with several coaches, and have been able to work on vocal skills I was already good at, but Andy immediately knew where I had more potential, and sought to build even more layers to my voice. It is amazing to feel the difference when I sing now. I had no idea the strength and range my voice was missing! I thank my lucky stars that I have someone so knowledgeable (and fun!) to work with every week."
-Ellen Schott
Musical Theatre Actor

"I have been singing for over 20 years now and I have never made as much progress in such a short time as I have with Andy. He is a true musician and we have so much fun making music each week. He has helped get me out of my comfort zone and I can now say that I have worked on songs that I never imagined singing! The company as a whole is amazing and I love being a part of their regular recitals, workshops, etc. If you’re looking to grow as a whole, New York Vocal Coaching is the place!"
-Jade Garcia
Professional Singer

"I have been training with Andy King for two years now and it has been a wonderful experience. He is very knowledgeable and patient, but has also helped me work on my goals as well as audition pieces. Andy is very thoughtful and caring and it is always a pleasure to walk into my lesson every week. He is extremely talented and I am grateful for all his guidance. I am so glad I found New York Vocal Coaching right after moving to NYC and would recommend Andy to anybody."
-Natalie Ault
Musical Theatre Actress


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"I'm happy to express my gratitude in working with Kristy Bissell, an amazing vocal coach at New York Vocal Coaching. After a devastating loss in my life two years ago, I vowed to never sing again. When I turned 21 last year, I decided I needed to go back to singing, to my happy place. That's when I found out about New York Vocal Coaching. From the very moment I called the front desk, the warmth and generosity of the staff there was evident. I felt welcomed from the very moment I scheduled my first lesson. In August 2017, I began working with Kristy Bissell because I wanted to step out of my vocal comfort zone, as someone who has mainly been pigeon holed into the "classical" genre for most of her life. Kristy really took the time to not only learn about my vocal journey, but also to get to know me as a person. After our first lesson, I felt this confidence and energy that had been missing for two years. In the ten months we have worked together, my voice has developed so much. Kristy challenges and inspires her students to go farther than they've ever gone with their voices, and turns "failure" into a positive learning experience. There's no room for fear when you're singing with Kristy. Her knowledge of her craft and uplifting personality will make you feel like you can do whatever you set your mind to. 100/10 would recommend taking voice lessons with Kristy!"
-Anna Sejuelas
Pop Singer

"I have been working with Kristy Bissell for about 9 months and she is not only an amazing teacher, but also person. She is extremely knowledgeable and knows her stuff. In addition, she is also one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and is nonjudgemental, fun, and extremely supportive. Not only has my voice improved but my confidence has increased tremendously! Would highly recommend New York Vocal Coaching."
-Jessie Oscodar

"I’ve been a student of Kristy Bissell for about 6 months now and I couldn’t have asked for a better coach! She works on your vocal range and guides you towards the path that would bring out the most in your voice. She’s so honest and real! She’s also made me believe in myself in so many ways. I feel so much more comfortable now and I have the confidence to keep it going. Also, everyone at the school (which is super clean and neat btw) is super friendly, nice and respectful and they’re willing to engage with whatever questions or information you might need! Thank you for the best coach Kristy!!!! And thank you New York Vocal for providing such a creative space."
-Marc A
Aspiring Singer/Songwriter

"I just wanted to take the time to express my gratitude in working with Kristy Bissell, a truly talented and caring voice coach at New York Vocal Coaching. After literally only a handful of sessions with Kristy, she has taken this very timid, fearful singer-hopeful to a level that I thought was once unattainable.

Her knowledge of the voice and how it operates is exceptional; you will gain such an education! She is beyond informative, and can answer my questions literally before I even ask them.
She provides a very comfortable learning environment, and you will leave the studio excited to incorporate her teachings into your craft. How much she cares for her students and their progress is immediately evident.

Studying with Kristy has truly been one of the best decisions I have made for myself. As someone who was literally crippled with stage fright only a few weeks ago, Kristy has helped me to overcome such an obstacle, so I can enjoy performing rather than fear it. She has helped me learn to rely on my voice with consistency, something I’d been striving towards for years, but only recently was able to achieve.

After years of being pigeon-holed into only classical singing, Kristy tapped into my pop and rock sounds in a matter of minutes. I left that first session absolutely stunned, and knew I had found the right vocal coach for my vocal needs.

I have taken lessons both via Skype and in studio. I really enjoy going into the studio because it is such an exciting and welcoming atmosphere. The staff are very nice and accommodating!

Thank you, Kristy so very much for believing in me and helping me to finally believe in my voice."
-Dana Marie
Pop/Rock Artist

"So fortunate to have found Kristy as my vocal coach. When I first came to NYVC I was super nervous about it and within 5 mins Kristy made me feel super comfortable and I knew instantly that she was the teacher for me. I’ve been going weekly for almost 3 months now and I’ve improved so so much and I couldn’t be happier. Kristy is also there for us all (has a fb group for all of her students) outside of the lessons as well and I really do feel like she genuinely cares about each and everyone of us. Highly recommend, you will not be disappointed!!!"
-Jonathan Negron
Aspiring R&B Artist

"Happily sharing my testimonial for Kristy Bissell and New York Vocal Coaching! Prior to working with Kristy, my confidence was nearly shot after a stressful 4-month experience with another coach. Upon my first lesson, I felt at ease with her immediately, as she provided constructive feedback without judgment. I sang freer and with each lesson since, I’ve gradually gained back the confidence that was lost. Kristy as a singer is amazingly talented, effortlessly singing across genres. One day I hope to achieve that level of skill. With Kristy as a coach, I now genuinely believe I can. On another note, everyone on staff is friendly and super attentive. I've also worked with Justin a few times as well and as with any great company, it starts at the top. Highly recommend NYVC for your vocal needs!"
-Maribel Malit
Pop/R&B Singer

"I had a wonderful time working with Kristy, I learned a lot about my mixed voice and gained more confidence in our first few months together than many years learning outside of NYVC. She gave me confidence to pursue my first performance and a second one on top of that. Thank you so much!"
-Amber Picon
Pop Singer

"We are so very thankful we found Kristy Bissell at NY Vocal Coaching. We were looking for some lessons for our daughter who is 12. Kristy has been unbelievable with her. Her knowledge and musical abilities keep us in awe. She is so patient and encouraging to our daughter and not only has our daughters vocal ability grown but her confidence and motivation to work hard and love for music have grown leap and bounds since working with Kristy!!! Thank you so much for all you do for her!!! And we are so lucky to have you as an instructor and role model!"
-Amber Stevens
Mother of Student