“I have now worked with Justin Stoney on two separate projects - one Broadway Musical and on Broadway Dramatic Play. In both instances, through his masterful and thoroughly exhilarating technique, I felt I transitioned from ‘insecure, hopeless, frustrated and strained’ to confident, free and relaxed! Justin understands not only the voice and breathing, but acting and sustainable technique.  I'm thankful I now have a Vocal Coach for life.”
Tony Shalhoub
Emmy, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild Award Winner
Television, Film, and Broadway Star

“By my calculations, I took 220,752,000 incorrect breaths before I started to do it right. Slow learner, I know. I'd breathed the same way for forty-two years. Then... Justin Stoney gave me a lesson.”
AJ Jacobs
New York Times Best Selling Author of “The Year of Living Biblically” and “The Know It All”
Esquire Magazine, August 2010
Esquire Magazine

“Justin is the best vocal coach I've ever had! After my initial class with Justin, I remember thinking that it was the first time in my life that I had ever truly enjoyed a voice class. His method made me so excited and made me look forward to working on what we'd gone over and wanting to improve myself. Not only is he great at the technical aspect of the voice, protecting it and training it correctly, but he also is a great source of encouragement. Justin never fails to give positive advice and I've never been embarrassed to try something new. He also is extremely helpful in making his critiques and advice easily understandable. I've always found trouble with voice teachers not being able to fully explain what they mean. However, Justin fully explains everything and helps me when I need more clarification on what part of the voice we are talking about. Justin is a phenomenal voice instructor and person, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. I'm very lucky to have found him.”
Juliette Goglia
NBC's The Michael J. Fox Show
NBC LogoMichael J. Fox Logo

“I found out about NYVC after wondering: “How can I learn to sing SIMPLY?” (Yes, it is suppose to be simple!). So, I decide to come to New York from Brazil to find these guys. I thought it was too good to be true, but was thrilled to find out that they actually do EXIST! I got a lesson with Justin Stoney and also with several of the teachers on the NYVC Staff. My singing teacher from Brazil also travelled with me and we both were so happy! The major problem I notice with singing is that voice teachers don’t always connect to their students’ needs. Can they actually understand our struggles and help us? Well, at NYVC they do! And they do it fast! I cannot wait to get back!”
Rodrigo Lombardi
-Rodrigo Lombardi
Celebrity TV/Film Actor from Brazil

"I have 5 albums out and so I thought there was not much left for me to learn. But I was wrong because I met Justin! I have learned so much in such a short period of time. So fast! I wish I’d met him before! Great technique, great taste, great sensibility. Simply a thrill to be coached by him!"
Latin Pop Singer
#1 Latin Billboard with the hit song "En Soledad"
2007 tour with Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony 

"I started my career as a child performer and I was pursuing dancing until I had to audition for the Professional Performing Arts School. Justin introduced the art of singing to me by working around my individual voice and he created many vocal goals for me to commit to as a performer. His training included helpful technique, and artistic tips to make me prepared for anything. Justin is also very comfortable with technology and picks out the perfect repertoire pieces for each personal journey. Justin was very helpful in encouraging acting into my performing as well. Shortly after this training, I booked three professional jobs back-to-back. I booked many voiceover jobs as well because of my healthy, well-trained voice. Justin helped boost my confidence and he assured me that I should continue singing…forever! "
Maria May
Booked BILLY ELLIOT on Broadway
Billy Elliot

"Last year, I got the chance to work with Justin Stoney. I went back to Italy to work on a TV series (something like an Italian GLEE) and I practiced his exercises.  Now, I keep making trips back to New York to work hard to improve my skills and to take lessons with Justin. Thanks to him I've finally found the best way of improving my singing so I can completely express my feelings and the meaning of my songs. He's also a super nice person and a pleasure to work with. Which is definitely good for such a good teacher!"
Jacopo Sarno
Italian Pop Star and Television Star

"The search for me as a singer was long and treacherous, THEN THERE WAS JUSTIN!!! I have been singing and performing for years, but could never find the right vocal coach, and teacher that could help me hone in on my talents. From the first lesson with Justin, he read my voice like a book. He knew exactly what I needed and has been helping me reach my true potential. Justin has mastered working with my individual voice, rather than teaching "his technique." That is soooo rare to find in vocal coaching these days.

Besides being a great teacher, Justin is just a model human being. ALWAYS positive and never judgmental. It can be very frustrating as a student to learn and understand the ways of the voice, but with Justin there is no pressure, just comfort and ease. I recommend him to ANYONE who either wants to learn the ways of their voice, or anyone who just needs someone to accompany them and get them ready for an audition. I could go on forever saying all the reasons I love Justin and his work, but you would probably stop reading! Don't think about it, ACT ON IT!!! Justin is the way to go!!"
Spiro Galiatsatos
Equity Actor, Professional Musical Theatre Performer and Rock Singer

"Justin is an OUTSTANDING coach! Almost two years ago, a Google search led me to the remarkable Justin Stoney. I had trained for several years with some very good voice teachers but was at a stage in my life and career where I needed a coach to help me to transition from student to professional performer. His authenticity, passion for music, professionalism and extraordinary talent were clearly evident from the first moment I met him. His enthusiastic yet laid-back teaching style of patience and encouragement create a very relaxed learning environment. Justin puts his «soul» into each session and encourages me to do the same. This unique approach is incredibly freeing! He has been my coach for over two years now and my voice has and continues to improve dramatically. I am reaching heights that are dizzying! I find great comfort in the fact that his only agenda is to help me to reach my goals. He pushes me whenever I need to be pushed, but my ego is never bruised in the process. In addition, he gives me the artistic freedom to make personal choices when interpreting material, which makes my performances more organic and meaningful – to me as well as to my audience. Justin was the Musical Director for three of my solo cabaret shows and the audiences adored him! I cannot imagine doing a show without his input, expertise and accompaniment. The worst part of our sessions is when they are over! He is an exemplary coach and a very valued friend."
Donna Hayes
Cabaret Singer/TV and Film Actress
Orange is the New Black

"Justin Stoney is absolutely wonderful. This summer I decided that, as an actor and long-term shower singer, it might be fun to rid myself of music-induced terror and learn how to sing in front of people. I found Justin through Google and had no idea what an incredible opportunity it would be to work with him. From the very first day, beginning with vocal exercises, he brought out my confidence and a voice I didn't know I had. Rather than trying to rid me of my academic rather than practical way of approaching things, he showed me slides that explained each part of my mouth and throat and what role they all played in forming notes. As we continued to work together all summer, his incredible collection of songs and immediate understanding of which ones would be a good match for me in terms of both interest and voice was inspiring. We worked on a large repertoire of both my favorite songs I'd always wanted to tackle and new pieces that he recommended. By the end of the summer, I had learned to sing on key (yay), to keep to a rhythm, to reach notes far out of my original range, to think about singing more intuitively, and even to become comfortable enough with songs that I could approach them as texts that provided exciting new acting opportunities. I've always loved singing but have had trouble with losing my voice easily (something Justin completely fixed and that has not happened since I started working with him), getting so afraid of singing in public that I literally shook and made my voice quake (but who can be scared when Justin makes singing both fun and extremely relaxed?), and staying on beat (he did not get discouraged by my confused sense of rhythm but rather devised innovative exercises that proved extremely helpful). Immediately after the summer, I went back to school and was cast in two musicals, auditioning with songs we had worked on together. I cannot wait for the year to be over so that I can continue to work with Justin on a whole new set of songs and skills. Thanks to Justin I can truly say that I now consider myself a singer and am so happy to have gained the confidence and skill to practice this thing that I love."
Ella Dershowitz
Yale School of Drama Graduate/ TV and Film Actress

“Justin and his colleagues are doing amazing work at New York Vocal Coaching. Performers of all levels can develop the skills they need in a truly safe, supportive, and nurturing atmosphere. From the most experienced singer to the dancer who is nervous about singing auditions, the technique that Justin teaches provides a solid foundation that really opens up the voice to express itself freely and effortlessly. I highly recommend Justin and his team to any and everyone who wants to sing and reach their full potential.”
Randy Skinner
3-Time Tony Award Nominated Director and Choreographer
The Tony Awards

“Justin Stoney is a wealth of knowledge and the biggest and best kind of music geek out there! He loves learning and sharing and it shows in the NYVC Voice Teacher Training & Certification Program. I was blown away by the specificity he uses and the detailed approach he takes in helping his students gain an understanding of not just the voice, but the body as well. His approach to singing is like none other, and it has completely transformed the way I sing in my own life and definitely the way I approach my students’ learning.

Having spent time growing up in my grandmother's voice studio learning Bel Canto-style singing and working a lot with metaphors and very serious singing, it was refreshing to learn another method of studying technique. The in-depth understanding of the way the vocal mechanism works takes the guesswork out of singing. I have been amazed by the results I get with my own students and so enjoy being able to have more frequent “ah-ha” moments with them.  Learning to tailor the exercises and the lesson to each individual student makes for a fun atmosphere for both my students and me. Creating a relaxed environment for my students allows them to let go and try all the silly exercises I create for them. I am so grateful for Justin's own personality that he brings to his teaching, because it has led me to find my own style and realize that there isn't one way of teaching.  Voice lessons can be fun and still full of learning!

I am thrilled to have found Justin Stoney, and am honored to consider him my vocal guru!”
Carla Stickler
Broadway's WICKED
Broadway Actress and Voice Teacher

“I feel genuinely lucky to have met Justin. He has me singing notes that scared the heck out me before… and I'm singing them with ease! From the second you walk into his studio for a lesson Justin has a way of making you feel comfortable. As the lesson proceeds, you feel confident, like you can sing anything. And with Justin, you usually can…”
Noah Weisberg
ABC’s Modern Family
Legally BlondeElf
South PacificABCs Modern Family

"Because of Justin's precise knowledge of vocal technique, his broad understanding of acting and musical  styles, and his insights into himself and others, he is beautifully equipped to nurture and teach the whole artist, helping him or her to give a full and richly textured performance."
Noah Weisberg
Broadway Actress
Wonderful Town, Kiss Me Kate, A Class Act

"One word… GENIUS! If you are a singer in NYC, you need Justin in your life! I went to him off of the recommendation of a friend of mine, and it was the best decision I've made for my career yet. I have a very loud, strong alto belt and a high soprano head voice, but my mix was pretty much non-existent. I would strain and struggle to hit those notes on my «break», because I couldn't mix properly. Every other vocal coach/voice teacher/voice therapist I have had has tried to help me get there with no avail. It's been a seven-year struggle with this, and I am completely overjoyed to say that JUSTIN CRACKED THE CODE!! He explains and demonstrates things in a way that finally made complete sense to me. I went into an audition I was dreading with confidence and ease knowing that I have begun the journey to safer, better singing. That's a gift beyond measure. New York Vocal Coaching’s price are beyond reasonable for NYC. I got more out of the one hour with Justin than a month's worth of lessons with my other coaches. He also allows you to feel comfortable to stumble through while you're finding your way – not like you're under the gun to get it right or helpless if you get it wrong. If you are looking for someone who will help you develop your voice in a safe, effective way, look no further. He's the BEST!! I look forward to working with him for a very long time…"
Kellee Knighten
Helen Hayes Award Nominated Actress

"Having studied with numerous voice teachers and instructors throughout high school and at musical theater pre-college programs, along with being a drama major at NYU/Tisch, I can say with complete certainty and confidence that Justin is one of the most knowledgeable, skilled, and friendly voice teachers out there. His solid grasp of vocal technique along with repertoire, style, and performance technique makes him a great voice teacher and vocal coach. AND he plays the piano wonderfully.

As a voice student who wants to pursue musical theater yet expand his marketability, I have found that Justin is capable of teaching all kinds of styles of music, including contemporary musical theater, legit musical theater, pop, rock, etc. He doesn't just say that you can sing any style with good technique, he teaches you specific things so that you can tailor your technique towards that style. Justin's knowledge of acting technique is also beneficial with people who also want to be able to act their songs. He works with you instead of directing you, and as a result, your performance of songs becomes organic, truthful, and more enjoyable for yourself and the people watching you.

Also, he is not the kind of teacher that imposes a certain technique or philosophy on you. I feel that he tailors his teaching style and curriculum to the needs of each individual student. You never do the same exact set of exercises at every single lesson!

That is why I feel his lessons are so valuable. I learn so much from every single lesson. There is always something new to learn and explore. And when you don't get something, he comes up with a new and different way to help you get it.

But most importantly, Justin is one of the most patient, nice, and caring teachers I know. I feel in my lessons that he is encouraging and supportive while always giving the honest truth and reality. I can always trust his opinion and critique while knowing that I won't feel lousy after a voice lesson. I also feel that he genuinely cares about each one of his students and his or her career goals. I never feel like he is rushing to get me out at the end of the hour. He is always willing to do whatever he can to help you accomplish your goals for that lesson"
Brian Chin
TV/Film Actor

“As a professional singer, it's important to understand how you make the sound you do. Justin's course went over, above and around all the awesome nerd stuff happening in my body on a daily basis.

The course not only made me feel prepared and ready for new students but made me experiment with my own voice to perfect my sound. The material covered is worthy of years at a collegiate level but is never intimidating. Justin's willingness to answer every minor question you have, now or in the future, is a gift. He is a joy to learn from. Teaching with such a positive outlook really changes students inside and out. From our mock lessons to learning anatomy, I know I have someone with patience and passion teaching me. Not to mention, he is able to demonstrate everything! He control he has over his instrument is an inspiration of what can be. He makes everything so clear.

In the future, whether I continue to teach or not, I know the information and education I learned here is invaluable.”
Cassie Okenka
-Cassie Okenka
Broadway's “School Of Rock”
Singer/Actress/Voice Teacher/Graduate of the NYVC Voice Teacher Training

“As a singer/songwriter, I have done over 15 albums and thousands of shows and more and more to come. My life really changed for the better after working with Justin Stoney and NYVC. This man helps me to develop a deep a authentic relationship with my voice - my instrument of expression. It is not just about technique, it is about living with a spirit we keep inside and learning how to let it flow and get to other people to bring joy, truth, energy. Every time I come to New York I book lessons to refresh my technique and keep on evolving. Thank you Justin!”
Jovanotti Lorenzo Cherubini
Italian Recording Star and Pop Icon

" In playing my role as Josh on TV LAND's YOUNGER, I knew I'd be asked to perform as a bluegrass musician. Miming wasn't going to cut it because the scenes are shot live with live musicians. That's when I was introduced to Eli at New York Vocal Coaching. In short - He’s the man!

The network scheduled a couple of sessions with Eli so he could coach me up as a musician. I'd like to think that I wasn't completely a fish out of water, but Eli made everything simple. We worked on the technical approach to the instrumentation as well as the performance. Eli's knowledge was clear from the start. He understands how to explain even the smallest nuance with clarity.

New York Vocal Coaching’s studio was a perfect place to concentrate and comfortably get the work done that I took with me on set. Television shoots move quickly, and Eli was just the right blend of fast information and positive encouragement.  Since our first shoot with the bluegrass band, musical skills have become a recurring part of my character. I’m so happy about that!

I'd recommend Eli as a teacher, coach, or all-around musical guide to anyone looking to improve their craft and have a great experience."
Maria May
TV/Film Actor starring in “Younger”

"When I walked into Justin Stoney's studio, I never imagined that my time with him would so rapidly change the way I access my pop sound and the manner in which I now approach singing holistically. There are many good vocal teachers in New York City, but Justin is one of the elite. His love of teaching is evidenced through his compassionate demeanor and his technical and pedagogical knowledge-with diagrams conveniently displayed on a huge screen during his explanations! When I came to Justin for lessons, I had a dream to be a competitor on the inaugural season of Simon Cowell's X Factor. Over the months with Justin, my dream became a reality and I made it all the way to Los Angeles as one of the top 16 in my category. I think the most important lesson that I learned from Justin is that singing involves more than just the voice; your soul must be connected. When I was able to make this connection, big things started to happen. Would I recommend Justin? Enthusiastically, yes, yes, yes!! "
Toni Dolce
Finalist On X Factor
Classical And Pop Crossover Singer

"I first met Justin in his capacity as an accompanist. He pulled us out of a crisis and was astonishingly good. Not everyone who plays the piano is qualified to play auditions but Justin really delivered. I found out later he is a musical wizard. The results I've seen from his vocal coaching and voice lessons in performers who have worked with him has been remarkable. He enthusiastically and joyfully helps others to attain the results that have long escaped them working with other coaches or in acting and singing classes. I recommend him to actors, singers, and dancers of all ages and skill levels without qualification"
Barry Moss
Legendary casting director of dozens of Broadway shows,
major films, and television shows including The Cosby Show

"I had the privilege of working with Justin whilst I was in New York for a few months. Never have I gained so much vocally in such a short space of time. I have been studying singing for over ten years and within a few sessions I understood more about the capabilities of my voice than I have during those aforementioned years. Many teachers know the subject matter, and many are good are boosting confidence (which working singers will know can be crucial) but very few are able to combine both, and communicate the mechanisms of your voice in an accessible, clear and workable way; a way that leaves you feeling confident about hitting 'that' note, or switching from mix to belt in 'that' impossible audition song. Justin interweaves technique with songs to show you exactly how an exercise will help you in a number and if a note or phrase isn't quite working he will break it down and work solely on that, never letting you settle for less than you're capable of. And often it’s this attention to both dramatic and vocal detail that will distinguish you from the others and make you stand out in auditions. Aside from the technical aspects of the coaching, he creates a safe, embarrassment-free space to do what you love most, and whether you are a beginner singing for fun, or an experienced Broadway performer, the lesson will be catered to you and the individual needs of your voice. I highly recommend New York Vocal Coaching (and I should perhaps mention that the way in which I myself found Justin was through two other equally passionate recommendations!) and can't emphasize enough how, as a pupil, you leave with not only the confidence, but most importantly the skills to back it up. The only downside for me is that he is based in New York and I am based in London..."
Sarah Moss
Actress/Singer London's West End

"Justin Stoney is a one-stop shop to vocal brilliance. He is equally adept in all areas needed to guide your voice into the professional performance world. I was first introduced to him as an accompanist (for a vocal workshop) in which I found his musicality most fabulous. Then, found out he was also a vocal instructor and coach.

Since working with Justin, my voice has made huge leaps and bounds. I came to Justin as a professional dancer, with only about two years of vocal training and the desire to move into the world of musical theatre. He is working with me to shape my voice into a place where I can not only be seen as a «dancer who can sing» but eventually as a singer! As far as technique, the man is a genius and explains everything in a way that is comprehendible and easy to process. He helps you to not only feel what is going on with your voice, but also to understand how and why.

As a coach, Justin has witty and unique ideas to help you work through your songs. He has first hand experience as a seasoned performer and it shows in his coaching abilities. Within a few weeks of seeing Justin, he discovered some issues brewing with my vocal cords (based on past incorrect use) and quickly sent me on a path that has not only led to healing, but also major improvements in technique and vocal strength.

Every time I see Justin I have some sort of breakthrough with my voice and he is the reason. Not only am I improving at a constant rate, but I have so much more confidence in my vocal abilities. In addition to all of Justin's brilliance as a teacher/coach, he is a fabulous person who genuinely cares about his students and their progress. Not that you even need to ask for more, but New York Vocal Coaching also has some of the most affordable rates in NYC. I HIGHLY recommend Justin to anyone, of any level, looking for superior training!!"
Micki Weiner
Phantom Of The Opera

“If there is such thing as a “Vocal Guru”, then it’s Justin Stoney. After years of frustrations and searching for answers, at last I’ve found my mentor! I wouldn’t go to anyone else for lessons now, or trust anyone else with my voice. The Voice Teacher Training is truly an excellent course. All the answers to singing and the voice are here. Participating in this course ensures full understanding of the voice, so you can be the best teacher possible. I can’t wait to make the trip to New York to work more with Justin Stoney in person!”
Chris Mitchell
-Chris Mitchell
Voice Teacher