NYVC Singer Spotlight: Nodar Khurtsosov hero

NYVC Singer Spotlight: Nodar Khurtsosov

Posted Saturday, March 9th 2024 by Abby Payne
In this article, I speak with frontman of the gothic-industrial metal band Fellahin Fall and NYVC student Nodar Khurtsosov about his experience taking voice lessons.

‘Fellahin Fall is a gothic-industrial metal band born out of the crushing urbana of Brooklyn, New York. Atavistic yet post-human, Fellahin Fall tells tales of an atomized man's yearned escape from the Metropolis. Their debut full length album, 'Tar a-Kan', is narrated by a man in the near future who is ravaged by the change in time, technology, and himself. Tar a-Kan struggles to come to terms with his ever changing state and the crushing urbana that surrounds him. The band features songwriter Nodar Khutortsov, Patrick Reilly of Tengger Cavalry, drummer Eugene Bell, rhythm guitarist Raphael Pinsker of Fin’amor, and bassist Mark Morrill. Metal Sucks has called the opening track of Tar a-Kan, "A Fading Whisper", "billowing music with anguished, rotund vocals and haunting hooks to create something that’s sure to burrow under your skin.”’ 

How long have you been taking voice lessons at NYVC? 

I've been taking vocal lessons with Abby at NYYC bi-weekly for about half a year. 

I know you grew up in a very musical household. Can you tell us a little bit about your background and journey as a musician, leading up to you currently fronting Fellahin Fall? 

Growing up in a household of conservatory musicians, I’ve been exposed to music (primarily classical) from as early as I can remember. I started playing brass instruments in JR High School before discovering my love for rock music in my early teens. Wanting to write my own rock and metal music, I focused on playing the bass guitar and joined a plethora of rock and metal bands in my teens and 20s. Eventually I felt I needed more creative expression and control, so I decided to front my own band - Fellahin Fall. I quickly came to understand that singing was a completely different animal to playing other types of instruments.  

What initially inspired you to take voice lessons? 

Truthfully, I didn’t like the way I sounded: pitchy, nasally, too loud and then too quiet. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong, but it felt like everything. It all eventually culminated with me losing my voice after a string of back to back shows. I knew I needed professional help to fix my “singing”, so I started on my journey finding a vocal coach. 

Do you feel your vocal study has influenced how you perform? And if so, in what way?

Absolutely! While I still revert to some of my habits here and there, my voice has gotten noticeably better. My vowel placement has gotten much better, and some of my worst habits have diminished significantly. I’ve been working with Abby on specifically those two areas of my voice. Surprisingly, my range has also increased simply because I am not tensing up before hitting notes that I deem to be “high”. 

Where can we check out the music you've released or learn about upcoming shows? 

If you like gothic style music that's both heavy and layered with synths then check my band Fellahin Fall at either our Instagram @fellahinfall or Fellahinfall.com. We play all throughout the tri-state area and our music can be found on any streaming platform of your choosing!

Check out Fellahin Fall's music video "Grey Morning"

Abby Payne

Voice Teacher Associate

Abby Payne has been teaching and performing in New York City and beyond for nearly 20 years. She holds a bachelor of music from SUNY Purchase (Jazz Studies) and has completed the NYVC Voice Teacher Training and Certification program. Abby specializes in teaching all levels in contemporary styles of voice, piano, and songwriting.

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