Vocal Pedagogy Interviews Renowned Pedagogue Ken Bozeman hero

Vocal Pedagogy Interviews Renowned Pedagogue Ken Bozeman

Posted Monday, November 1st 2021 by David McCall
"There is always more to learn.  Stay open to all credible sources, even those with which you think you might disagree." Ken Bozeman, Teacher, Author, and Singer, shares his valuable insights on vocal health, posture, the importance of mentors, and much more...

Kenneth Bozeman, Emeritus Professor of Music, is the author of Practical Vocal Acoustics: Pedagogic Applications for Teachers and Singers and Kinesthetic Voice Pedagogy:  Motivating Acoustic Efficiency. Mr. Bozeman is a frequent presenter at voice science conferences around the world.

The Vocal Pedagogy team interviewed Mr. Bozeman about his incredible career in music, both onstage and in the classroom, and it is not to be missed! 

Read the full interview here.

David McCall

Senior Voice Teacher, Head of Vocal Development

David has become one of the leading instructors of Contemporary Voice in New York City, with clients ranging from Broadway singers (Billy Elliot, Matilda), Classical and sacred music singers, cantors in New York City Synagogues, to Professional Rock and Pop artists, some of which have toured and been signed to record contracts, appeared on shows like The Voice and American Idol, and performed at venues such as SXSW. Additionally, David has taught as a Master Teacher of Contemporary Voice for the NYSTA Comparative Vocal Pedagogy series.

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