Vocal Coaching


Introductory Coaching with our Associate Teachers are an hourly rate of $100. Introductory Coaching with our Senior Associate Teachers are an hourly rate of $125. Introductory Coaching with David McCall are an hourly rate of $150. If you need to use our Sliding Scale, please let us know. See our Sliding Scale rates for more information.

To schedule your first lesson with New York Vocal Coaching, visit our Scheduling page and register for an online account. Once you’ve completed your registration, you can begin your booking process!

For more information, please contact our Administrative Staff at Assistant@NewYorkVocalCoaching.com.

Our Cancellation Policy more

We do have a 48 hour and 24 hour cancellation policy. Lessons cancelled or rescheduled within 48 hours require a $50 fee, whereas lessons cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours of the lesson start time require a full compensation. If you are cancelling or rescheduling a lesson (inquiries to reschedule are considered cancellations), the timestamp on the email will be used to determine whether the cancellation was made within the cancellation window. In an effort to maintain the highest level of training, please note that we can make absolutely no exceptions to this policy. The policy holds in all instances of rescheduling and/or cancelling due to transportation issues, illness, running late, forgetting the lesson, weather, etc. Your understanding of our Cancellation Policy is greatly appreciated.

Please learn more about our Cancellation Policy on our FAQ Page

Sliding Scale

If you need to use our Sliding Scale, please let us know. Our Sliding Scale is designed to help singers afford professional vocal training by offering flexibility to those with financial need. The Sliding Scale applies to all lessons that follow the Introductory Coaching. Our Associate Teachers offer a Sliding Scale rate of $75-$125, our Senior Associate Teachers offer a rate of $100-$150, and for David McCall, it is a rate of $125-$175. If you do choose to utilize the Sliding Scale to pay less than the instructor's Standard Rate, we only accept cash or check payments. Paying more than the Standard Rate on the Sliding Scale can be a wonderful way to thank your instructor for their service. Even though our Voice Teachers are in high demand, it remains our foremost mission to help all singers of all financial backgrounds achieve their goals!


Ms. Grody, Mr. Houdek, and Ms. Bissell

  • $100 Introductory Coaching (One-Hour)
  • $100 Standard Rate (One-Hour)
  • $75-125 Sliding Scale (One-Hour) *

Ms. Reumert and Mr. King

  • $125 Introductory Coaching (One-Hour)
  • $125 Standard Rate (One-Hour)
  • $100-150 Sliding Scale (One-Hour) *


  • $150 Introductory Coaching (One-Hour)
  • $150 Standard Rate (One-Hour)
  • $125-175 Sliding Scale (One-Hour) *


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* Due to high demand, if you are interested in private Vocal Coaching with our Founder and Head Voice Teacher, Justin Stoney, please email our Assistant, Tanya, at assistant@newyorkvocalcoaching.com or call 646.374.8623.

For more info about the NYVC Voice Teacher Training & Certification Program, please e-mail or call our Executive Manager, Meredith.

For Master Classes or Workshops with Mr. Stoney for your university, event, or church, please contact events@newyorkvocalcoaching.com.