Brendan Houdek


Voice Teacher Associate

Brendan Houdek is a Voice Teacher Associate at New York Vocal Coaching. Brendan specializes in teaching Pop, Rock, Hard Rock, R&B, and Classical styles. He is also a singing voice rehabilitation specialist, which enables him to provide healing to injured singers and proper technique to avoid injury in healthy singers.

A lifelong musician and multi-instrumentalist, Brendan performs regularly in the Long Island/New York City area at various venues as well as local churches. He is grateful that he has the opportunity to do so in multiple genres and on a variety of instruments. His musical proficiencies include the voice, guitar, bass, drums, tuba, piano, ukulele, mandolin, and various forms of hand percussion. It brings him great pleasure to be able to use his gifts to lift the spirits of others through music.

Brendan took part in the NYVC Voice Teacher Training and Certification under the teaching of Justin Stoney. In doing so, he has learned invaluable information to assist him in his voice teaching. The Voice Teacher Training has been the highlight of his career as a voice teacher and musician.

In addition to being a voice teacher and musician, Brendan is also a speech coach and a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist. He is a Speech Coaching Associate at New York Speech Coaching and the Head of New York Speech Pathology. Brendan holds a Master of Arts degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Hofstra University as well as Bachelor of Arts degrees in Speech Communications and Philosophy/Religious Studies from St. Joseph’s College, where he also minored in music.

Brendan combines his knowledge of vocal artistry with the science of speech-language pathology to provide students with the most comprehensive and balanced understanding of the singing voice. It brings him incredible joy assisting others on their path to improving themselves as singers and individuals.

It is one of Brendan’s greatest passions in life to provide healing to others and give them the gift of the voice. It is his belief that the voice is truly the most personal of instruments, which, if taken away, can be devastating. Brendan has devoted himself to doing all that he can to return this wonderful gift to those who have lost it as well as enhancing the use of the voice in those who wish to strive for vocal excellence.