Marc Smith


Recording & Videography Services

Marc Smith is an audio engineer, singer/songwriter, arranger and videographer with ten years experience recording and producing artists across many genres.  For six years he developed a unique music-as-therapy program at Phoenix House, a national non-profit substance abuse treatment provider.  Through music, and more specifically recording, adolescents and adults coping with addiction found their voice in the studio every day.  “Its been deeply enriching to work with people from every walk of life who rediscover themselves through music.”

A multi-instrumentalist and composer, Marc is talented at building songs from the ground up.  “I love it when someone comes in with a simple melody or a page of rough lyrics and I get to help them construct an original song from scratch.  It's a thrill to help singers at any level develop their song idea, beginning with the simplest beat, a chord progression, the melody and hook, followed by all the instrumentation and effects.  When ideas start to gel and sounds pour out of the speakers it's always electrifying.”


Marc delivers NYVC clients polished mixes that are the norm in todays media landscape using the highest quality equipment in a hybrid analog/digital recording rig.  “As a recording artist myself, I know exactly how meaningful it is for a client to feel satisfied with the mix they plan on listening to over and over, present on social media or submit for bookings.  I encourage everyone booking a recording session with me to Learn More ahead of our session, like tips on session prep, background on recording equipment and techniques and answers to your frequently asked questions about mixing, mastering, microphones and more.”


Marc also produces music videos and can consult with NYVC clients about artist development strategy, including web site creation, social media cultivation, press kits, booking and pitch letters along with other helpful resources.