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Line Hilton Cover

Line Hilton

Line Hilton MSc PAM, B. MusEd (Jazz), Cl. Hyp, MHA, Wraw Master Practitioner Highly respected in the performing arts world, Line Hilton is a voice, performance, and resilience coach. Her mission is to help people find their voice and build the confidence needed to explore their full potential so they can thrive, both at work …

George Shirley Cover

George Shirley

Opera Singer George Shirley was born on April 18, 1934 in Indianapolis, Indiana, to Irving and Daisy Shirley. By age four, Shirley had begun performing, joining his mother and father as a musical trio within the Indianapolis church community. After moving to Detroit, Michigan with his parents at age six, Shirley continued to build his …

Björk Vocal Analysis - Voice Lessons Online Ep. 13 Cover

Björk Vocal Analysis - Voice Lessons Online Ep. 13

Björk is a one-of-a-kind artist. Her unique expression is risky, bold, and unlike anything else you've ever heard. We have so much to learn from her! Join our team of experts from New York Vocal Coaching- Andy King, Kristy Bissell, Hugo Kerth, Zac Bradford, and Justin Stoney- as we step into the world of Björk. Enjoy Voice Lessons Online!

What does it take: Singing "Annie" Cover

What does it take: Singing "Annie"

Zac Bradford breaks down the vocal demands, challenges, and "hard knocks" of Annie in "What Does It Take?: Singing Annie!"

What does it take: Singing "Elphaba" Cover

What does it take: Singing "Elphaba"

Kacey Velazquez breaks down the vocal demands and challenges of Wicked's high-flying green girl in "What Does It Take: Singing Elphaba!"

Peak Woo Cover

Peak Woo

Dr. Peak Woo is a board certified otolaryngologist specializing in laryngology (voice and throat disorders). His main interest is in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the throat. During his 25 years in academic medicine, he spearheaded the development of the computerized videostroboscope and the high-speed video imaging system, now standard for imaging of …

Barbara Doscher Cover

Barbara Doscher

“Dr. Doscher’s studio is a direct reflection of her. When you approach her studio door, there is a sign which reads: “Please do not knock, just come in.” Just before you open the door, you stop and listen to the incredible sounds that emanate from her room. You search your memory for the face that …

Manuel Patricio Rodríguez García Cover

Manuel Patricio Rodríguez García

“The human voice submits to the influence of age, sex, constitution, and undergoes innumerable modifications… there are also an unlimited number of nuances belonging to the organ of a single individual.” – Manuel Patricio Rodríguez García Manuel Patricio Rodríguez García (1805-1906) was a singer, composer, singing teacher, researcher, and inventor of the laryngoscope. The son …

Female Powerhouses of Pop Cover

Female Powerhouses of Pop

From belting to riffing galore, these artists take vocal acrobatics to the next level...

Stevie Wonder Vocal Analysis - Ep. 12 Voice Lessons Online Cover

Stevie Wonder Vocal Analysis - Ep. 12 Voice Lessons Online

Child prodigy. 25-time Grammy winner. R&B, funk, soul, pop Pioneer. And, a smile that could bring sunshine into anyone’s life...It’s pretty much impossible not to love Stevie Wonder. Join our team of experts from New York- Arbender Robinson, Kacey Velazquez, David McCall, Kristy Bissell, and Justin Stoney- as we turn our eyes on the one and only Stevie Wonder. Enjoy Voice Lessons Online!