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Ep. 45 "What Is The Passaggio?" Cover

Ep. 45 "What Is The Passaggio?"

Classical singers and voice teachers often talk about the Passaggio as one of the most important elements in vocal technique. Navigating the Passaggio well leads to great high notes and vocal freedom, whereas navigating it poorly can lead to major limitations. In Episode 45, Voice Teacher Justin Stoney explains the Passaggio and offers tips, demonstrations, and exercises to help you master it in your own voice. Classical singers and contemporary singers alike can benefit from understanding this foundational vocal technique concept.

Ep. 44 "Three In One" Cover

Ep. 44 "Three In One"

In Episode 44, Voice Teacher Justin Stoney of New York Vocal Coaching answers three great vocal questions in one episode! Questions about throat clearing, yawning, and gaining weight to sing are all addressed in this fun and informative episode.

Ep. 43 "Reinforced Falsetto" Cover

Ep. 43 "Reinforced Falsetto"

Ever wonder if a high note is secretly in falsetto? Not all falsetto sounds necessarily sound like falsetto. In Episode 43, Justin Stoney of New York Vocal Coaching describes a very bizarre and useful coordination that is often called "reinforced falsetto". Through concepts and exercises, you can learn how you can make your falsetto do a variety of crazy tricks that you never thought possible!

Voice Lessons To The World - The App! Cover

Voice Lessons To The World - The App!

Voice Lessons To The World™ episodes, created by New York Vocal Coaching's™ Justin Stoney, on your smart device. Furthering our mission to make voice lessons available to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Ep. 42 "The Amazing Larynx" Cover

Ep. 42 "The Amazing Larynx"

Singers and Voice Teachers often make the mistake of thinking that one vocal style or another is the "superior" way to sing. This can cause severe vocal limitations and even animosity. Yet, the Amazing Larynx is capable of so much more than people think! In Episode 42, New York Vocal Coaching's Justin Stoney demonstrates two awesome vocal tricks and offers an exercise that will help you transcend rigid thinking and find out what the voice is really capable of.

Ep. 41 "Adding Technique To Songs" Cover

Ep. 41 "Adding Technique To Songs"

Do you do vocal exercises, but then not understand how to add these exercises when your are singing songs? In Episode 41, Justin Stoney of New York Vocal Coaching demonstrates how to add vocal technique concepts to song work. Make sure that your songs benefit from all the great work you are doing with your vocal exercises!

The Opposite(s) Of Singing Cover

The Opposite(s) Of Singing

Every singer has a goal.  For some, it’s being able to sing exciting, strong high notes. For others it’s singing the most difficult songs with…

Singing With Pure EEase Cover

Singing With Pure EEase

It’s time we had a talk about EE. Though it takes second place in the accepted listing of vowels, we use the EE to form the diphthongs of fourteen…

The "Sound" And The Voice Cover

The "Sound" And The Voice

As actor/singers prepare for auditions, there tends to be a great deal of concern about the “sound” that’s required to accurately portray (or at…

Ep. 40 "The Mix Voice"- Voice Lessons To The World Cover

Ep. 40 "The Mix Voice"- Voice Lessons To The World

Everyone dreams of hitting beautiful and powerful high notes without straining. But, how do great singers do it? Likely, they have mastered the Mix Voice! This mysterious combination of coordinations is very elusive to many singers and voice teachers, but has the power to work miracles for your vocal potential. In Episode 40 of Voice Lessons To The World, Justin Stoney of New York Vocal Coaching offers crystal clear secrets on the Mix Voice to help end the mystery!