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The Opposite(s) Of Singing Cover

The Opposite(s) Of Singing

Every singer has a goal.  For some, it’s being able to sing exciting, strong high notes. For others it’s singing the most difficult songs with…

Singing With Pure EEase Cover

Singing With Pure EEase

It’s time we had a talk about EE. Though it takes second place in the accepted listing of vowels, we use the EE to form the diphthongs of fourteen…

The "Sound" And The Voice Cover

The "Sound" And The Voice

As actor/singers prepare for auditions, there tends to be a great deal of concern about the “sound” that’s required to accurately portray (or at…

Ep. 40 "The Mix Voice"- Voice Lessons To The World Cover

Ep. 40 "The Mix Voice"- Voice Lessons To The World

Everyone dreams of hitting beautiful and powerful high notes without straining. But, how do great singers do it? Likely, they have mastered the Mix Voice! This mysterious combination of coordinations is very elusive to many singers and voice teachers, but has the power to work miracles for your vocal potential. In Episode 40 of Voice Lessons To The World, Justin Stoney of New York Vocal Coaching offers crystal clear secrets on the Mix Voice to help end the mystery!

Ep. 39 "You'll Never Be A Good Singer" Cover

Ep. 39 "You'll Never Be A Good Singer"

Have you been told by someone that you can't sing? Did you believe them? Feel like giving up? Let Justin have the final word! In the very important, Episode 39, New York Vocal Coaching's Justin Stoney sets the record straight about whether everyone has the potential to be a good singer. The facts will encourage you. The negative voices will no longer have power over you. The truth will set you free!

Practice Makes Permanent! Cover

Practice Makes Permanent!

"Practice Makes Permanent!" Mrs. Marilyn shouted from behind the piano after, yet again, someone forgot to cut off with the rest of the ensemble. …

“Don’t You Dare Lift Your Soft Palate!” -or- “Tar And Feathers”  Cover

“Don’t You Dare Lift Your Soft Palate!” -or- “Tar And Feathers”

“Justin, I hate the sound of my voice. It always sounds so whiny and nasal!” “Justin, I’d like to get my daughter into...

A Prelude Cover

A Prelude

Before I became a professional music director, I had every intention of becoming a musical theatre performer.  I studied four years at the…

Ep. 38 "The Deadly I Vowel" Cover

Ep. 38 "The Deadly I Vowel"

"I know I have that note! So, why can't I sing this song?" Perhaps you are falling victim to The Deadly "I". In Episode 38, New York Vocal Coaching's Justin Stoney talks about the "I" vowel and why it is so difficult to sing in so many songs. He also gives exercises and ideas on how to fix this problematic technique issue.

Ep. 37 "Glottal: Friend Or Foe?" Cover

Ep. 37 "Glottal: Friend Or Foe?"

Do Glottals destroy the voice? Many people say they do. Others may not even know what a Glottal is. Find out whether the Glottal is a destructive enemy or a great friend in Episode 37. Voice Teacher Justin Stoney of New York Vocal Coaching offers tips for singers on how to use this misunderstood and feared sound effectively.